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Javarison-Lamar at Callahan Box Score Matchup 15 (Jul 7 - 13)

Box Scores:
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Javaris-Jamar Javarison-Lamar
Cody Cowman
Record: 6-15-0
Standing: 4th in Crips (9 GB)
Team Callahan
Jacob Callahan
Record: 10-11-0
Standing: T-4th in Bloods (6 GB)

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TEAM                               JUL 7JUL 8JUL 9JUL 10JUL 11JUL 12JUL 13SCORE
Javaris-Jamar Javarison-Lamar2760733761-247303
Team Callahan936486957587103603
Javaris-Jamar Javarison-Lamar Box Score
CSalvador Perez, KC CL 1-54
1BJoey Votto, Cin 1BL 5-6--
2BBen Zobrist, TB 2B, SS, OFW 10-37
3BDavid Wright, NYM 3BW 5-40
SSEverth Cabrera, SD SSL 0-1--
OFMike Trout, LAA OFW 5-23
OFGiancarlo Stanton, Mia OFL 4-5-3
OFAlex Gordon, KC OFL 1-5--
DHYoenis Cespedes, Bos OF, DHL 2-3-1
UTILNick Swisher, Cle 1B, OF, DHL 2-6-2
SPJustin Verlander, Det SPW 5-1--
SPMatt Cain, SF SPL 0-2--
SPJordan Zimmermann, Wsh SPW 5-3--
SPJustin Masterson, StL SPW 10-2--
RPJim Johnson, Det RPW 5-1-10
RPTommy Hunter, Bal RPL 0-3--
Team Callahan Box Score
CBuster Posey, SF C, 1BL 0-2-1
1BAllen Craig, Bos 1B, OFL 2-3--
2BChase Utley, Phi 2BL 3-55
3BEvan Longoria, TB 3BW 10-30
SSYunel Escobar, TB SSW 10-310
OFAndrew McCutchen, Pit OFW 6-530
OFCurtis Granderson, NYM OFW 5-44
OFCarl Crawford, LAD OFW 1-00
DHJosh Hamilton, LAA OF, DHW 5-25
UTILManny Machado, Bal 3BL 0-34
SPJered Weaver, LAA SPW 5-230
SPWei-Yin Chen, Bal SPL 0-3--
SPDoug Fister, Wsh SPW 5-3--
SPJon Lester, Oak SPL 2-6--
RPAroldis Chapman, Cin RPL 5-6--
RPFernando Rodney, Sea RPW 6-2--