Dodgers at Best Team Box Score Matchup 12 (Jun 16 - 22)

Box Scores:
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Team Dodgers
Record: 8-11-0    Streak: L1
Standing: 2nd in West (11 GB)
The Best Team
Record: 0-19-0    Streak: L19
Standing: 2nd in East (11 GB)
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 8/12 games started
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 5/12 games started

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TEAM                               JUN 16JUN 17JUN 18JUN 19JUN 20JUN 21JUN 22SCORE
Team Dodgers61318651191251102310011696041
The Best Team6236715818195713537474086
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Team Dodgers Box Score
IFRobinson Cano, Sea 2BL 1-26
IFPaul Goldschmidt*, Ari 1B  DL15W 4-315
IFHanley Ramirez*, LAD SS  DL15W 8-014
IFChris Davis, Bal 1BW 2-04
IFEvan Longoria, TB 3BL 0-23
OFJacoby Ellsbury, NYY OFW 7-36
OFRyan Braun, Mil OFL 3-4-2
OFYasiel Puig, LAD OFW 8-017
OFBryce Harper, Wsh OFW 6-5--
OFMatt Kemp, LAD OFW 8-016
UTILBuster Posey, SF C, 1BL 6-710
UTILAdrian Gonzalez, LAD 1BW 8-011
UTILJay Bruce, Cin OFW 11-413
UTILIan Desmond, Wsh SSW 6-56
PDavid Price, Det SPL 1-2--
PZack Greinke, LAD SP  DTDW 8-0--
PKenley Jansen, LAD RPW 8-0--
PAnibal Sanchez*, Det SP  DL15L 1-2--
PMatt Cain*, SF SP  DL15L 6-7--
PJoe Nathan, Det RPL 1-2--
PCole Hamels, Phi SPW 10-5--
PMichael Wacha*, StL SP  DL60L 2-3--
PJordan Zimmermann, Wsh SPW 6-5--
PGerrit Cole, Pit SPL 4-11--
The Best Team Box Score
IFMiguel Cabrera, Det 3B, 1B, DHL 1-21
IFTroy Tulowitzki*, Col SS  DL60L 0-80
IFAdrian Beltre, Tex 3BL 2-40
IFJose Reyes, Tor SSL 3-70
IFFreddie Freeman, Atl 1BL 5-108
OFCarlos Gonzalez*, Col OF  DL15L 0-8--
OFAdam Jones, Bal OFW 2-0-1
OFCarlos Gomez, Mil OFL 3-410
OFGiancarlo Stanton, Mia OFL 1-68
OFJason Heyward, Atl OFL 5-1015
UTILJoe Mauer, Min C, 1B, DHL 1-2-1
UTILYadier Molina*, StL C  DL15L 2-32
UTILBrandon Phillips, Cin 2BW 11-411
UTILDavid Ortiz, Bos DH  DTDW 2-111
PCliff Lee*, Phi SP  DL15W 10-5--
PCraig Kimbrel, Atl RPL 5-10--
PMadison Bumgarner, SF SPL 6-7--
PMike Minor, Atl SPL 5-10--
PJose Fernandez*, Mia SP  DL60L 1-6--
PGreg Holland, KC RPW 2-194
PKris Medlen*, Atl SP  DL60L 5-10--
PDoug Fister, Wsh SPW 6-5--
PJulio Teheran, Atl SPL 5-10--
P --

* - If a team exceeds a games played limit during the middle of a gameday, that team will continue to accumulate stats until the end of the day. Stats will not count for any position which the games played max has been exceeded before the gameday begins.