Prize-Eligible leagues will draft players from the whole MLB Universe. That means you will be able to draft both National league and American League players.

Prize-Eligible League rosters have slots for a total of 25 players per team. There are 22 Active slots (13 batters and nine pitchers). See below for specific Active positions. Additionally, there are three bench slots and one DL slot.

The 25 roster slots are divided into two overall positional categories: Batters and Pitchers.

    FLB 09 provides Batter slots for all five infield positions (C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B), five outfield (OF) positions plus one utility slot. The Utility slot may be filled by any non-pitcher. Also due to position eligibility, you may have a player on your roster that is only eligible for a designated hitter (DH) slot. If that is the case, the only slot you will be able to use that in is the utility slot. For more information see Position Eligibility below.

    FLB 09 provides nine pitcher slots. You may use any combination of starters and relievers. However, keep in mind that there are limits for games started by your Active Starters as a whole. For more information on Pitching Limits, click here.

    NOTE: The utility slot may NOT be filled with a pitcher.

    Total Roster Size: 25+1 (13 Batters, 9 Pitchers, 3 Bench, +1 DL)
    • Batters (13): C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, OF, OF, 2B/SS, 1B/3B, UTIL
    • Pitchers (9): P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P
    • Bench (3): BE, BE, BE
    • Disabled List (1): DL
Player position eligibility is based on two criteria that must be met. Once the following conditions are met, the player's position eligibility will be modified to reflect this.
  • Games Played Last Season - A player must have played in a minimum of 20 games in a position to be eligible for that position. The exception is rookies, they will be eligible for the position in which they begin the season.
  • Games Played in the Current Season - Once a player has played a minimum of 10 days in a position during the regular season they will have that position added to their eligibility. This means that they will only become eligible for the new position beginning on the eleventh day in that position. These days do not need to be concurrent.

You decide which players to start for each day of competition. Your Team page allows you to analyze each of your current players, review their performance (previous day/week, year to date etc.) and freely move players between your Active roster and Bench. Roster moves involving a player may be made right up until that player's team is scheduled to begin playing in their first game of the day.

When you make transactions, you must move one active player to the bench, or to waivers, when moving an inactive/benched player to your active lineup. If you make a move that violates a roster slot, an error message will appear, notifying you to double-check the proposed transaction. You will need to ensure that you are moving players into eligible slots per Position Eligibility (see above).

FLB 09 allows team owners in Prize-Eligible leagues the ability to modify their lineups for future days of MLB action. This can prove to be helpful if you will not have access to a computer (on vacation, business trip etc.) but you would like to make sure that you are receiving credit for players at each team roster slot. Go to your Team page and click on the links for the date(s) of interest to access your roster page for each future date. Then modify your roster.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that if you make any roster moves in the interim (adding/dropping a player or players) this will delete or clear any roster selections you made for future weeks.

In Prize-Eligible leagues there are going to be many unclaimed players available in the player pool; these players are called free agents. You may want to pick up one of these free agents (players not currently on a team in your league) for your elite team. You can search the player pool by going to the Players page.

All Prize-Eligible leagues will observe ESPN's Undroppable Players list. The Undroppable Players list is comprised of select elite level players who cannot be dropped to waivers at any time during the baseball season.

NOTE: If you wish to claim a player from free agency, you must have an open roster slot or drop one of your current players in exchange.

For more information on Waivers and Free Agents, click here.