Westport Fantasy Baseball History

 2013    Fuck Bobby

1stR.A. Dulky 15-4
2ndEveryday's a Holliday13-6
3rdStubb-y Ears13-6
4thCoffee Black11-8
5thWreckers In-Tune!10-9
6thWacha Flocka7-12
7thGOLD(schmidt) On My Titties6-13
8thThe MLB All-Ugly Stars7-12
9thThe Bar Nunn Kway Kways6-13
10thFear the Beard ...and Tulo7-12

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 2012    Mrinal Got Lucky

1stStubb-y Ears12-5
2ndMr. Goofield10-7
3rdAgainst All Odds8-9
4thEveryday's a Holliday12-5
5thColoured Angels In The Outfield11-6
6thB - Harp10-7
7thThe Killer Lees6-11
8thConsummate 4Sight8-9
9thWestport Wreckers4-13
10thCall Me Maybin4-13

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 2011    Simon Rolled

1stFear The Beard ...and Tulo16-4
2ndThe Ellsbury Dough Boy14-6
3rdCuban National Rowing Team12-8
4thTeam Peter11-9
5thThe Alberto Callaspos13-7
6thBeet Farmers11-9
7thJohnny KNOXville5-15
8thEveryday's a Holliday10-10
9thThe Hill Valley Kway Kways3-17
10thIsn't he Granderson?5-15

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