Ones are GOOD right? History


1stPublicEnemy #1101
2ndWoodyPaige AllStars99.5
3rdBromelia Famiglia87.5
4thProject Mayhem83
5thLind Sanity82.5
6thRA Dickey Jokes69
7thThe Brothers Upton52
8thUndead Ninjas47.5
9thSweet Lou Brown47
10thKingdom of Evan40.5
11thHeres Greys Left Boob37
12th2 N the Pink Guilford CT Rep33.5

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1stmy little colby96
2ndNYC Matthole90.5
3rdBoston MASSpike potHOLES81
4thRA Dickey Jokes76
5thMiami Beach Ninjas74
6thDiamond Cabaret72.5
7thWorldwide Suicide63.5
8thBig Cuntry58
9thWoodyPaige AllStars45.5
9thKneel Before Zaun45.5
11thAmazing Ocelots44.5
12thThe Crap House Rats33

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