Daily Leaders

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Chad Smith, Det RPWA (Sat)1:08 PM------------------
Kyle Crockett, Cle RPWA (Sat)1:05 PM------------------
Nick Martinez*, Tex SP, RP  DL15WA (Sat)3:05 PM------------------
Corey Knebel, Det RPWA (Sat)1:08 PM------------------
Dominic Leone, Sea RPWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Ian Thomas, Atl RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Shae Simmons, Atl RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Wei-Chung Wang*, Mil RP  DL15WA (Sat)2:10 PM------------------
Chang-Yong Lim, ChC RPWA (Sat)2:10 PM------------------
Luis Garcia, Phi RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Jose Dominguez, LAD RPWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Gonzalez Germen, NYM RPWA (Sat)1:10 PM------------------
David Martinez, Hou RPWA (Sat)1:10 PM------------------
Bobby LaFromboise, SD RPWA (Sat)4:05 PM------------------
Ryan Pressly, Min RPWA (Sat)1:08 PM------------------
Aaron Barrett, Wsh RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Brandon Workman, Bos RP, SPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Mike Morin, LAA RPWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Chris Martin, Col RPWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Ben Rowen, Tex RPWA (Sat)3:05 PM------------------
Dan Langfield, Cin RP  DTDWA (Sat)1:10 PM------------------
Chris Beck, CWS RPWA (Sat)2:10 PM------------------
Matt Smoral, Tor RPWA (Sat)1:07 PM------------------
Chase DeJong, Tor RPWA (Sat)1:07 PM------------------
Jose Berrios, Min RPWA (Sat)1:08 PM------------------
Andrew Chafin, Ari RPWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Luke Sims, Atl RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Brady Wager, Bal RPWA (Sat)1:07 PM------------------
Zach Eflin, SD RPWA (Sat)4:05 PM------------------
Walker Weickel, SD RPWA (Sat)4:05 PM------------------
Chris Stratton, SF RPWA (Sat)4:05 PM------------------
Ty Hensley, NYY RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Pierce Johnson, ChC RPWA (Sat)2:10 PM------------------
Paul Blackburn, ChC RPWA (Sat)2:10 PM------------------
Onelki Garcia*, LAD RP  DL60WA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Nick Travieso, Cin RPWA (Sat)1:10 PM------------------
Miguel Almonte, KC RPWA (Sat)2:10 PM------------------
Ken Giles, Phi RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Juan Paniagua, ChC RPWA (Sat)2:10 PM------------------
Josh Hader, Bal RPWA (Sat)1:07 PM------------------
Michael Roth, LAA RPWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Jimmy Nelson, Mil RPWA (Sat)2:10 PM------------------
Buddy Boshers, LAA RPWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Shane Greene, NYY RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Eury De La Rosa, Ari RPWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Jimmy Patterson, TB RPWA (Sat)1:05 PM------------------
T.J. McFarland, Bal RPWA (Sat)1:07 PM------------------
Raudel Lazo, Mia RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Grant Dayton, Mia RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Michael Brady, LAA RPWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------