Daily Leaders

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David Aardsma, StL RP  DTDWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Fernando Abad, Oak RPWA (Sat)3:05 PM------------------
Juan Abreu, LAD RPWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Winston Abreu, Tor RPWA (Sat)1:07 PM------------------
Jeremy Accardo, FA RPWA (Sat)------------------
Jose Acevedo, Col RP  DTDWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Alfredo Aceves, NYY SP, RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
A.J. Achter, Min RPWA (Sat)1:08 PM------------------
Kelyn Acosta, SF RPWA (Sat)4:05 PM------------------
Manny Acosta, FA RPWA (Sat)------------------
Austin Adams, Cle RPWA (Sat)1:05 PM------------------
Mike Adams, Phi RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Nate Adcock, Tex RPWA (Sat)3:05 PM------------------
Jon Adkins, Cin RPWA (Sat)1:10 PM------------------
Jeremy Affeldt, SF RPWA (Sat)4:05 PM------------------
Ramon Aguero, Tex RPWA (Sat)3:05 PM------------------
Omar Aguilar, Mil RPWA (Sat)2:10 PM------------------
Adrian Alaniz, Phi RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Ruben Alaniz, Hou RPWA (Sat)1:10 PM------------------
Jonathan Albaladejo, Mia RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Matt Albers*, Hou RP  DL60WA (Sat)1:10 PM------------------
Al Alburquerque, Det RPWA (Sat)1:08 PM------------------
Antonio Alfonseca, Phi RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Cody Allen, Cle RPRX-W1:05 PM------------------
Miguel Almonte, KC RPWA (Sat)2:10 PM------------------
Abe Alvarez, Bos RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Dario Alvarez, NYM RPWA (Sat)1:10 PM------------------
Jose Alvarez, LAA SP, RP  DTDWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Manny Alvarez, NYM RPWA (Sat)1:10 PM------------------
Mario Alvarez, LAD RPWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
R.J. Alvarez, SD RPWA (Sat)4:05 PM------------------
Hector Ambriz, SD RPWA (Sat)4:05 PM------------------
Steven Ames, Mia RP  DTDWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Brett Anderson*, Col RP, SP  DL60WA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Brian Anderson, NYY RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Jason Anderson, Phi RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Steve Andrade, KC RPWA (Sat)2:10 PM------------------
Dustin Antolin, Tor RPWA (Sat)1:07 PM------------------
Evan Anundsen, Mil RPWA (Sat)2:10 PM------------------
Greg Aquino, Cle RPWA (Sat)1:05 PM------------------
Cory Arbiso, NYY RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Alberto Arias, Hou RPWA (Sat)1:10 PM------------------
Jonathan Arias, Sea RPWA (Sat)4:10 PM------------------
Wilkins Arias, NYY RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Tony Armas, NYM RPWA (Sat)1:10 PM------------------
Rigoberto Arrebato, NYY RPWA (Sat)1:35 PM------------------
Jose Arredondo, Cin RPWA (Sat)1:10 PM------------------
Jose Ascanio, Pit RP  DTDWA (Sat)1:10 PM------------------
Jairo Asencio, Bal RPWA (Sat)1:07 PM------------------
Ezequiel Astacio, Hou RPWA (Sat)1:10 PM------------------