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Jamey Wright, Tex RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Joe Nathan*, Det RP  DL15ULLR8:10 PM--------------------
Kyle Farnsworth, Hou RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Randy Wolf, Tor RPFA7:07 PM--------------------
Brad Penny, CWS RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Michael Tejera, Bos RPFA7:10 PM--------------------
Scott Downs, Cle RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Kevin Walker, CWS RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Jon Rauch, KC RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Joe Beimel, Tex RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Jason Karnuth, Det RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Scott Atchison, Cle RPULLR8:10 PM--------------------
Grant Balfour, TB RPLOU7:10 PM--------------------
Brandon Lyon, LAA RPFA10:05 PM--------------------
Fernando Rodney, Sea RPCows10:05 PM--------------------
Jaime Cerda, KC RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Ryan Madson, KC RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Sean Burnett, LAA RP  DTDFA10:05 PM--------------------
Chris Capuano*, NYY SP, RP  DL15FA7:07 PM--------------------
Edgar Gonzalez, Hou RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Chris Bootcheck, NYY RPFA7:07 PM--------------------
Colter Bean, NYY RPFA7:07 PM--------------------
Jesse Crain, CWS RP  DTDFA8:10 PM--------------------
Jason Frasor, KC RPLOU8:10 PM--------------------
Phil Seibel, Bos RP  DTDFA7:10 PM--------------------
Frank Francisco, CWS RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Justin Germano, Sea RPFA10:05 PM--------------------
Mike Hinckley, Tor RPFA7:07 PM--------------------
Matt Guerrier, Min RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Dave Bush, Tor RPFA7:07 PM--------------------
Chad Qualls, Hou RPICNH8:10 PM--------------------
Jeff Francis, Tor RPFA7:07 PM--------------------
John Webb, TB RPFA7:10 PM--------------------
Jerry Gil, Cle RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Francisco Cruceta, Det RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Carmen Cali, Min RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Logan Kensing, CWS RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Huston Street, LAA RPLOU10:05 PM--------------------
Tim Stauffer, Min RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Zach Duke, CWS RPBEN8:10 PM--------------------
Scott Baker, NYY SP, RPFA7:07 PM--------------------
Juan Carlos Oviedo, Tex RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Blaine Boyer, Min RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Chris Resop, Bos RPFA7:10 PM--------------------
Dana Eveland, Bos RPFA7:10 PM--------------------
Craig Breslow, Bos RPFA7:10 PM--------------------
Joe Saunders, Sea RP, SPFA10:05 PM--------------------
Chris Oxspring, Det RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Shaun Marcum, Cle RPFA8:10 PM--------------------
Mark Woodyard, Det RPFA8:10 PM--------------------