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Maicer Izturis*, Tor 2B, 3B, SS  DL60WA (Wed)W 5-20/30000.000
Greg Dobbs, Wsh 1BWA (Wed)W 5-00/10000.000
Ryan Doumit, Atl C, OF, DHWA (Wed)L 0-40/10000.000
Josh Wilson, Tex 2BWA (Wed)W 10-70/30000.000
Ryan Roberts, Bos 2BWA (Wed)L 7-100/20000.000
Gregor Blanco, SF OFWA (Wed)W 7-30/11000.000
Ian Stewart, LAA 3BWA (Wed)L 3-50/10000.000
Don Kelly, Det OF, 1B, 3BWA (Wed)L 2-30/20000.000
Steve Pearce, Bal DH, 1B, OFWA (Wed)W 14-50/10000.000
Ryan Hanigan, TB CWA (Wed)W 1-00/00000.000
Seth Smith, SD OF, DHWA (Wed)L 6-80/30000.000
Jayson Nix, KC SS, 2B, 3BWA (Wed)L 0-10/10000.000
Roger Bernadina, LAD OFWA (Wed)W 3-20/10000.000
Travis Snider, Pit OFWA (Wed)W 7-60/40000.000
Andrew Romine, Det 3B, 2B, SSWA (Wed)L 2-30/20000.000
Danny Valencia, Tor DH, 1B, 3BWA (Wed)W 5-20/40000.000
Jose Tabata, Pit OFWA (Wed)W 7-60/10000.000
Austin Romine, NYY CWA (Wed)L 5-140/10000.000
Brandon Hicks, SF SS, 2BWA (Wed)W 7-30/30000.000
Justin Turner, LAD 3B, 2B, SSWA (Wed)W 3-20/00010.000
Jon Jay, StL OFWA (Wed)W 7-50/00000.000
Jose Lobaton, Wsh CWA (Wed)W 5-00/30000.000
John Mayberry Jr., Tor OF, 1BWA (Wed)W 5-20/10000.000
Steve Clevenger, Bal CWA (Wed)W 14-50/00000.000
Charlie Culberson, Col OF, 2B, 3B, SSWA (Wed)L 3-150/30000.000
Shane Robinson*, StL OF  DL60WA (Wed)W 7-50/00000.000
Jarrod Dyson, KC OFWA (Wed)L 0-10/40000.000
Ehire Adrianza*, SF SS, 2B  DL60WA (Wed)W 7-30/10000.000
Daniel Descalso, StL SS, 2B, 3BWA (Wed)W 7-50/00000.000
Collin Cowgill, LAA OFWA (Wed)L 3-50/00000.000
Ryan Kalish, ChC OFWA (Wed)L 6-70/40000.000
Logan Forsythe, TB 2B, DHWA (Wed)W 1-00/00000.000
Jordan Pacheco, Ari 1B, CWA (Wed)L 3-70/00000.000
Tyler Moore, Wsh OF, 1BWA (Wed)W 5-00/10000.000
Ryan Goins, Tor 2B, SSWA (Wed)W 5-20/00000.000
Leury Garcia, CWS 2B, 3B, OFWA (Wed)W 15-30/01000.000
Jonathan Diaz, Tor 3B, SSWA (Wed)W 5-20/11000.000
Marc Krauss, Hou OF, 1BWA (Wed)L 2-50/10000.000
Neftali Soto, Cin 1BWA (Wed)L 5-70/10000.000
Dean Anna, Pit SSWA (Wed)W 7-60/10000.000
Mike Olt, ChC 1B, 3BWA (Wed)L 6-70/10000.000
Josh Harrison, Pit OF, 2B, 3BWA (Wed)W 7-60/10000.000
Jeff Bianchi*, Mil 3B, SS  DL60WA (Wed)W 10-40/20000.000
Michael Choice, Tex OF, DH  DTDWA (Wed)W 10-70/30010.000
Tyler Collins, Det OFWA (Wed)L 2-30/10000.000
Stefen Romero, Sea 2B, OF, DHWA (Wed)W 5-30/20000.000
Tommy Medica, SD 1B, OFWA (Wed)L 6-80/40000.000
Adrian Nieto, CWS CWA (Wed)W 15-30/10000.000
Terrance Gore, KC OFWA (Wed)L 0-1--/------------
Ryan Rua, Tex 1B, OFWA (Wed)W 10-7--/------------