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Ichiro Suzuki, Mia OFFA8:15 PM--/------------
Coco Crisp, Oak OFFA10:05 PM--/------------
Melvin Upton Jr., SD OFFA10:40 PM--/------------
Angel Pagan, SF OFFA10:40 PM--/------------
Adam Jones, Bal OFSDY7:10 PM--/------------
Tony Gwynn, Wsh OFFA7:05 PM--/------------
Michael Bourn, Ari OFFA9:40 PM--/------------
Rajai Davis, Cle OFFA8:10 PM--/------------
Ryan Sweeney, Min OFFA8:10 PM--/------------
Cameron Maybin, Det OFFA7:08 PM--/------------
Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY OFLAYN7:05 PM--/------------
Gregor Blanco, SF OFFA10:40 PM--/------------
Andrew McCutchen, Pit OFCUBS7:05 PM--/------------
Carlos Gomez, Hou OFSTAI10:10 PM--/------------
Sam Fuld*, Oak OF  DL60FA10:05 PM--/------------
Jordan Schafer, Min OFFA8:10 PM--/------------
Colby Rasmus, Hou OFFA10:10 PM--/------------
Denard Span, SF OF  DTDCHIP10:40 PM--/------------
Brett Gardner, NYY OFSDY7:05 PM--/------------
Will Venable, LAD OFFA9:40 PM--/------------
Dexter Fowler*, ChC OF  DL15CUBS2:20 PM--/------------
Jason Bourgeois, Ari OFFA9:40 PM--/------------
Peter Bourjos, Phi OFFA7:05 PM--/------------
Andrew Romine, Det 3B, SS, OFFA7:08 PM--/------------
Wilkin Ramirez, Min OFFA8:10 PM--/------------
Austin Jackson*, CWS OF  DL15FA10:05 PM--/------------
Drew Stubbs*, Tex OF  DL60FA2:20 PM--/------------
Ian Desmond, Tex SS, OFTROU2:20 PM--/------------
Jon Jay*, SD OF  DL15FA10:40 PM--/------------
Luis Durango, KC OFFA7:08 PM--/------------
Julio Borbon, Bal OFFA7:10 PM--/------------
Michael Brantley*, Cle OF  DL15CHIP8:10 PM--/------------
Gerardo Parra*, Col OF  DL15DCAR7:35 PM--/------------
Cole Gillespie, Mia OFFA8:15 PM--/------------
Lorenzo Cain*, KC OF  DL15COCH7:08 PM--/------------
Darren Ford, SF OFFA10:40 PM--/------------
Shane Robinson, LAA OFFA10:05 PM--/------------
Dustin Ackley*, NYY OF, 1B  DL60FA7:05 PM--/------------
Corey Wimberly, Min OFFA8:10 PM--/------------
Ben Revere, Wsh OFFA7:05 PM--/------------
Jared Mitchell, CWS OFFA10:05 PM--/------------
Logan Schafer, Wsh OFFA7:05 PM--/------------
Jarrod Dyson, KC OFFA7:08 PM--/------------
Desmond Jennings, TB OF  DTDFA7:10 PM--/------------
Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Mil OFFA7:10 PM--/------------
David Lough, Phi OFFA7:05 PM--/------------
Ryan Kalish, ChC OFFA2:20 PM--/------------
Matt Angle, Oak OFFA10:05 PM--/------------
Brett Jackson, SF OFFA10:40 PM--/------------
Jeremy Hazelbaker, StL OFFA8:15 PM--/------------