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LaTroy Hawkins, Col RPWA (Mon)8:10 PM------------------
Jamey Wright, Tex RPWA (Mon)9:05 PM------------------
Bartolo Colon, NYM SPWA (Mon)4:05 PM------------------
Bruce Chen, Cle SPWA (Mon)1:08 PM------------------
Rafael Betancourt, Col RPWA (Mon)8:10 PM------------------
Jonathan Johnson, Hou SPWA (Mon)4:05 PM------------------
Freddy Garcia, LAD SPWA (Mon)8:40 PM------------------
Joe Nathan*, Det RP  DL15KY1:08 PM------------------
Kyle Farnsworth, Hou RPWA (Mon)4:05 PM------------------
Tim Hudson, SF SP PPWA (Mon)8:10 PM------------------
Randy Wolf, Tor RPWA (Mon)6:10 PM------------------
Brad Penny, CWS RPWA (Mon)2:10 PM------------------
A.J. Burnett, Pit SP PPWA (Mon)8:10 PM------------------
Ramon Ortiz, FA SPWA (Mon)------------------
Buddy Carlyle, NYM RPWA (Mon)4:05 PM------------------
Matt Riley, LAD RPWA (Mon)8:40 PM------------------
Michael Tejera, Bos RPWA (Mon)7:05 PM------------------
Barry Zito, Oak SPWA (Mon)4:05 PM------------------
Jon Garland, Col SPWA (Mon)8:10 PM------------------
Josh Beckett, LAD SPWA (Mon)8:40 PM------------------
Scott Downs, Cle RPWA (Mon)1:08 PM------------------
Kevin Walker, CWS RPWA (Mon)2:10 PM------------------
Jason Grilli, Atl RPWA (Mon)7:05 PM------------------
Jason Marquis, Cin SPWA (Mon)1:10 PM------------------
Bronson Arroyo*, Ari SP  DL60WA (Mon)8:10 PM------------------
Randy Choate, StL RPWA (Mon)7:10 PM------------------
Mark Buehrle, Tor SPWA (Mon)6:10 PM------------------
Ryan Vogelsong, SF SPWA (Mon)8:10 PM------------------
CC Sabathia, NYY SP PPWA (Mon)4:05 PM------------------
Jon Rauch, KC RPWA (Mon)2:10 PM------------------
Joaquin Benoit, SD RPWA (Mon)8:40 PM------------------
Rafael Soriano, FA RPWA (Mon)------------------
Joe Beimel, Tex RPWA (Mon)9:05 PM------------------
Justin Miller, SD RPWA (Mon)8:40 PM------------------
Jason Karnuth, Det RPWA (Mon)1:08 PM------------------
R.A. Dickey, Tor SPKY6:10 PM------------------
Scott Atchison, Cle RPWA (Mon)1:08 PM------------------
Jose Acevedo, Col RP  DTDWA (Mon)8:10 PM------------------
Kyle Lohse, Mil SPWA (Mon)7:10 PM------------------
Grant Balfour, TB RPWA (Mon)6:10 PM------------------
Brandon Lyon, LAA RPWA (Mon)9:05 PM------------------
Blaine Neal, Phi RPWA (Mon)7:05 PM------------------
Brett Myers, Cle SPWA (Mon)1:08 PM------------------
Jake Peavy*, SF SP  DL15WA (Mon)8:10 PM------------------
Jerome Williams, Phi SP, RPWA (Mon)7:05 PM------------------
Jason Lane, SD SPWA (Mon)8:40 PM------------------
Jeremy Affeldt, SF RPWA (Mon)8:10 PM------------------
Brandon Puffer, SF RPWA (Mon)8:10 PM------------------
Erik Bedard, LAD SP  DTDWA (Mon)8:40 PM------------------
Fernando Rodney, Sea RPMATH9:10 PM------------------