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Domingo Acevedo, NYY SPFA12:00 PM------------------
Alfredo Aceves, NYY SPFA12:00 PM------------------
Spencer Adams, CWS SPFA2:15 PM------------------
Tim Adleman, Cin SPFA1:10 PM------------------
Martin Agosta, SF SPFA4:05 PM------------------
Brady Aiken, Cle SP  DTDFA1:10 PM------------------
Raul Alcantara, Oak SPFA3:05 PM------------------
Victor Alcantara, LAA SPFA3:35 PM------------------
Tim Alderson, Bal SPFA1:35 PM------------------
Kolby Allard, Atl SP  DTDFA1:35 PM------------------
Logan Allen, SD SPFA4:10 PM------------------
Henderson Alvarez*, Oak SP  DL15FA3:05 PM------------------
Yadier Alvarez, LAD SPFA4:10 PM------------------
Brett Anderson*, LAD SP  DL60Best4:10 PM------------------
Chase Anderson, Mil SPFA2:20 PM------------------
Chris Anderson, LAD SPFA4:10 PM------------------
Cody Anderson, Cle SPFA1:10 PM------------------
Tyler Anderson*, Col SP  DL15FA4:10 PM------------------
Matt Andriese, TB RP, SPFA1:35 PM------------------
Jeffry Antigua, ChC SPFA2:20 PM------------------
Michael Antonini, LAD SPFA4:10 PM------------------
Mark Appel, Phi SPFA1:35 PM------------------
Jayson Aquino, Bal SPFA1:35 PM------------------
Chris Archer, TB SPELLI1:35 PM------------------
Gabriel Arias, Ari SPFA4:10 PM------------------
Martires Arias, SD SPFA4:10 PM------------------
Jake Arrieta, ChC SPELLI2:20 PM------------------
Bronson Arroyo, Wsh SP  DTDFA1:35 PM------------------
Alec Asher, Phi SPFA1:35 PM------------------
Phillippe Aumont, CWS SPFA2:15 PM------------------
Homer Bailey*, Cin SP  DL15FA1:10 PM------------------
Dylan Baker, Cle SPFA1:10 PM------------------
Scott Baker, LAD SPFA4:10 PM------------------
Trey Ball, Bos SPFA12:00 PM------------------
Anthony Banda, Ari SPFA4:10 PM------------------
Manny Banuelos*, Atl SP  DL15FA1:35 PM------------------
Scott Barlow, LAD SPFA4:10 PM------------------
Jaime Barria, LAA SPFA3:35 PM------------------
Chris Bassitt*, Oak SP  DL60FA3:05 PM------------------
Frank Batista, ChC SPFA2:20 PM------------------
Trevor Bauer, Cle SP, RPFA1:10 PM------------------
Brandon Beachy, LAD SP  DTDFA4:10 PM------------------
Blake Beavan, Ari SPFA4:10 PM------------------
Chris Beck, CWS SPFA2:15 PM------------------
Erik Bedard, LAD SPFA4:10 PM------------------
Tyler Beede, SF SPFA4:05 PM------------------
Dallas Beeler*, ChC SP  DL15FA2:20 PM------------------
Mike Belfiore, Det SPFA1:10 PM------------------
Duane Below, NYM SPFA1:10 PM------------------
Eric Berger, Cle SPFA1:10 PM------------------