Daily Leaders

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David Aardsma, Tor RPFA1:07 PM----------------------------
Fernando Abad, Min RPFA2:10 PM----------------------------
Andury Acevedo, ChC RP  DTDFA2:10 PM----------------------------
A.J. Achter, LAA RPFA12:00 PM----------------------------
Austin Adams, Cle RPFA2:10 PM----------------------------
Mike Adams, LAD RPFA1:10 PM----------------------------
Nate Adcock, Cin RP  DTDFA1:35 PM----------------------------
Jeremy Affeldt, SF RPFA4:10 PM----------------------------
Ruben Alaniz, Det RPFA1:10 PM----------------------------
Andrew Albers, Tor RPFA1:07 PM----------------------------
Matt Albers, CWS RPFA2:10 PM----------------------------
Al Alburquerque, LAA RPFA12:00 PM----------------------------
Scott Alexander, KC RPFA2:10 PM----------------------------
Brandon Alger, SD RPFA4:40 PM----------------------------
Cody Allen, Cle RPELEO2:10 PM----------------------------
Miguel Almonte, KC RPFA2:10 PM----------------------------
Dario Alvarez, Atl RPFA1:35 PM----------------------------
Jose Alvarez, LAA RPFA12:00 PM----------------------------
R.J. Alvarez, ChC RPFA2:10 PM----------------------------
Hector Ambriz, SD RPFA4:40 PM----------------------------
Jeff Ames, TB RPFA1:05 PM----------------------------
Matt Anderson, Sea RPFA4:05 PM----------------------------
Matt Andriese, TB RP, SPFA1:05 PM----------------------------
Dustin Antolin, Tor RPFA1:07 PM----------------------------
Elvis Araujo, Phi RPFA1:35 PM----------------------------
Orangel Arenas, LAA RPFA12:00 PM----------------------------
Jonathan Arias, Sea RPFA4:05 PM----------------------------
Shawn Armstrong, Cle RPFA2:10 PM----------------------------
Jonathan Aro, Sea RPFA4:05 PM----------------------------
Jairo Asencio, CWS RPFA2:10 PM----------------------------
Scott Atchison, Cle RPFA2:10 PM----------------------------
Luis Avilan, LAD RPFA1:10 PM----------------------------
Dylan Axelrod, Mia RPFA1:10 PM----------------------------
John Axford, Oak RPFA4:05 PM----------------------------
Luis Ayala, Wsh RPFA1:35 PM----------------------------
Burke Badenhop, Wsh RPFA1:35 PM----------------------------
Pedro Baez, LAD RPFA1:10 PM----------------------------
Andrew Bailey, Phi RPFA1:35 PM----------------------------
Collin Balester, Cin RPFA1:35 PM----------------------------
Grant Balfour, TB RPFA1:05 PM----------------------------
Johnny Barbato, NYY RPFA1:05 PM----------------------------
Andrew Barbosa, Ari RPFA4:10 PM----------------------------
Daniel Bard, Pit RPFA1:35 PM----------------------------
Danny Barnes, Tor RPFA1:07 PM----------------------------
Jacob Barnes, Mil RPFA2:15 PM----------------------------
Matt Barnes, Bos RPFA1:07 PM----------------------------
Scott Barnes, ChC RPFA2:10 PM----------------------------
Tony Barnette, Tex RPFA12:00 PM----------------------------
Kyle Barraclough, Mia RPFA1:10 PM----------------------------
Aaron Barrett*, Wsh RP  DL60FA1:35 PM----------------------------