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Mookie Betts, Bos OFFA--------------
Gregory Polanco, Pit OFBROO9:40 PM--------------
Nomar Mazara, Tex OFFA--------------
Mac Williamson, SF OF  DTDFA--------------
Chris Colabello, Min 1B, OF, DHFA8:10 PM--------------
Yeison Asencio, SD OFFA3:40 PM--------------
Yasiel Puig, LAD OFMOSS10:10 PM--------------
Sergio Pedroza, TB OFFA--------------
Jorge Soler, ChC OFFA2:20 PM--------------
Reggie Lawson, Sea OFFA7:05 PM--------------
Jonathan Garcia, LAD OFFA10:10 PM--------------
Xavier Batista, ChC OFFA2:20 PM--------------
Jalen Harris, Mil OFFA--------------
Drew Turocy, Bos OFFA--------------
Jose Colorado, Bos OFFA--------------
Jonathan Jones, Tor OFFA8:10 PM--------------
Jaron Shepherd, Col OFFA2:20 PM--------------
Ryan Jones, LAA OFFA7:05 PM--------------
Juan Crousset, Col OFFA2:20 PM--------------
Angelberth Montilla, Wsh OFFA7:05 PM--------------
Andy Workman, LAA OFFA7:05 PM--------------
Chandler Laurent, Col OFFA2:20 PM--------------
Lee Orr, SD OFFA3:40 PM--------------
Kevin Keyes, Wsh OFFA7:05 PM--------------
Tim Ferguson, KC OFFA8:10 PM--------------
Mark Haddow, CWS OFFA1:08 PM--------------
David Christensen, Col OFFA2:20 PM--------------
Alex Llanos, KC OFFA8:10 PM--------------
Luis Urena, Pit OFFA9:40 PM--------------
Alex Fuselier, Pit OFFA9:40 PM--------------
Jason Krizan, Det OFFA1:08 PM--------------
Dan Grovatt, Pit OFFA9:40 PM--------------
Danry Vasquez, Det OFFA1:08 PM--------------
Jared Prince, Tex OFFA--------------
Keenan Wiley, Atl OFFA10:10 PM--------------
Steven Moya, Det OFFA1:08 PM--------------
Edgardo Baez, Bal OFFA7:05 PM--------------
Ryan Lollis, SF OFFA--------------
Stefen Romero, Sea 2B, OF, DHFA7:05 PM--------------
Charles Thurber, NYM OFFA--------------
Alfredo Morales, Sea OFFA7:05 PM--------------
Tyler Austin, NYY OFFA--------------
Jorge Bonifacio, KC OFFA8:10 PM--------------
Tyler Collins, Det OFFA1:08 PM--------------
L.J. Hoes, Hou DH, OFFA8:10 PM--------------
George Springer*, Hou OF  DL15WA (Wed)8:10 PM--------------
Norichika Aoki, KC OFFA8:10 PM--------------
Chris Herrmann, Min C, OF  DTDFA8:10 PM--------------
Kendrick Perkins, Bos OFFA--------------
Toddric Johnson, Oak OFFA--------------