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Michael Choice, Tex OF, DH  DTDFA8:05 PM--------------
Kyle Parker, Col OFFA9:10 PM--------------
Nate Roberts, Min OFFA7:08 PM--------------
Jake Skole, Tex OFFA8:05 PM--------------
Zach Collier, Phi OFFA7:05 PM--------------
Exircado Cayones, NYY OFFA1:05 PM--------------
Ryan Bolden, LAA OFFA9:10 PM--------------
J.P. Ramirez, Wsh OFFA4:05 PM--------------
Jeff Kobernus, Wsh OFFA4:05 PM--------------
Corey Dickerson, Col OFBROO9:10 PM--------------
Marcell Ozuna, Mia OF  DTDFA4:05 PM--------------
Aaron Shipman, Oak OF  DTDFA8:05 PM--------------
Ramon Flores, NYY OF  DTDFA1:05 PM--------------
Marcus Knecht, Tor OF  DTDFA4:07 PM--------------
Josh Harrison, Pit OF, 2B, 3BKKKK1:05 PM--------------
Jake Smolinski, Tex 3B, OFFA8:05 PM--------------
Matthew Spencer, ChC OFFA7:10 PM--------------
Yasser Gomez, Atl OFFA7:05 PM--------------
Khris Davis, Mil OFFA7:10 PM--------------
Abraham Almonte, SD OF  DTDFA4:05 PM--------------
Darin Ruf, Phi 1B, OFFA7:05 PM--------------
Zoilo Almonte, NYY OFFA1:05 PM--------------
Bryce Brentz, Bos OFFA1:05 PM--------------
Brahiam Maldonado, NYM OFFA7:10 PM--------------
Gavin Dickey, Atl OFFA7:05 PM--------------
Randal Grichuk, StL OFFA8:10 PM--------------
Joc Pederson, LAD OFFA9:10 PM--------------
Jake Goebbert, SD OF, 1BFA4:05 PM--------------
Robbie Grossman, Hou OFFA7:10 PM--------------
Danny Payne, SD OFFA4:05 PM--------------
Bo Greenwell, Cle OFFA6:05 PM--------------
Jesus Valdez, Wsh OFFA4:05 PM--------------
Brian Bryles, TB OFFA6:05 PM--------------
Erold Andrus, Tex OFFA8:05 PM--------------
Rian Kiniry, LAA OFFA9:10 PM--------------
Ender Inciarte, Ari OFFA8:10 PM--------------
Mike Spidale, Phi OFFA7:05 PM--------------
Josh Whitaker, Oak OFFA8:05 PM--------------
Andrew Heid, LAA OFFA9:10 PM--------------
Matt Long, LAA OF  DTDFA9:10 PM--------------
Scott Beerer, Bal OFFA4:07 PM--------------
Cory Vaughn, NYM OFFA7:10 PM--------------
Nicholas Francis, KC OFFA7:10 PM--------------
Christian Yelich, Mia OFMOSS4:05 PM--------------
Jacob Julius, Bal OFFA4:07 PM--------------
Oswaldo Arcia, Min OFFA7:08 PM--------------
Jaff Decker, Pit OFFA1:05 PM--------------
Ray Kruml, NYY OFFA1:05 PM--------------
Kyle Hudson, LAA OFFA9:10 PM--------------
Taylor Grote, NYY OFFA1:05 PM--------------