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Jose Bautista, Tor OF, DHBROOW 7-22620109
Marcell Ozuna, Mia OFFAW 4-32520009
Marlon Byrd, Phi OFFAL 3-41420007
Hunter Pence, SF OFMOSS Sspd1411007
Seth Smith, SD OF, DHYankL 1-51411007
Shane Robinson, StL OFFAW 4-21420007
Curtis Granderson, NYM OF  DTDLIANW 5-31510106
Nelson Cruz, Bal OF, DHKKKKL 7-81113006
Alex Rios, Tex OFGALVW 9-22310105
Nick Markakis, Bal OFKKKKL 7-81510205
Ryan Raburn, Cle OF, DHFAW 8-71410105
Josh Harrison, Pit OF, 2B, 3BFAW 3-11211005
Allen Craig, StL 1B, OFLIANW 4-21310104
Logan Schafer, Mil OFFAL 4-50211004
Stefen Romero, Sea 2B, OF, DHFAW 3-11201004
Torii Hunter, Det OFKKKKL 2-91201103
Michael Cuddyer*, Col OF  DL60FA Sspd0310103
Nate McLouth, Wsh OFFAL 1-30300003
Ryan Doumit, Atl C, OF, DHFAW 5-40120003
Nate Schierholtz, ChC OFFAW 5-11201103
Jason Heyward, Atl OFBROOW 5-40210003
Michael Saunders*, Sea OF  DL15FAW 3-10220103
James Jones, Sea OFFAW 3-11101003
Brock Holt, Bos 3B, OFFAL 2-70300003
Michael Choice, Tex OF, DHFAW 9-20121103
Ichiro Suzuki, NYY OFFAL 2-31100002
Jonny Gomes, Bos OFFAL 2-70110002
Don Kelly, Det OF, 1B, 3BFAL 2-90110002
Craig Gentry, Oak OFFAL 2-51000012
Giancarlo Stanton, Mia OFTORRW 4-30210102
Reed Johnson, Mia OFFAW 4-30100001
Michael Morse, SF OF, 1BKKKK Sspd1001101
David Murphy, Cle OFBROOW 8-70011101
Matt Joyce, TB OF, DHTC52W 5-20100001
Travis Snider, Pit OFFAW 3-10100001
Gerardo Parra, Ari OFYankL 2-41100101
Charlie Blackmon, Col OFYank Sspd0001001
Bobby Abreu, NYM OFFAW 5-30000000
Jayson Werth, Wsh OF  DTDGALVL 1-30001100
Scott Hairston, Wsh OFFAL 1-30000000
Nick Swisher, Cle 1B, OF, DHLAFOW 8-70101200
Chris Denorfia, SD OFFAL 1-50000000
Ryan Braun, Mil OFLIANL 4-50000000
Garrett Jones, Mia 1B, OFFAW 4-30000000
Jordan Schafer, Atl OFFAW 5-40000000
Will Venable, SD OFFAL 1-50100100
Jon Jay, StL OFTC52W 4-20000000
Cole Gillespie*, Tor OF  DL15FAW 7-20000000
David Lough, Bal OFFAL 7-80001100
Moises Sierra, CWS OFFAW 3-20000000