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David Peralta, Ari OFFA4:10 PM--------------
Jermaine Curtis, StL OFFA4:10 PM--------------
Evan Gattis, Atl C, OFLAFO1:35 PM--------------
Tommy Medica, SD 1B, OFFA4:05 PM--------------
Kevin Pillar, Tor OFFA1:07 PM--------------
Jesse Winker, Cin OF  DTDFA1:10 PM--------------
Barrett Barnes, Pit OFFA1:10 PM--------------
Courtney Hawkins, CWS OFFA2:10 PM--------------
Kensuke Tanaka, Tex OFFA3:05 PM--------------
Josh Bell, Pit OFFA1:10 PM--------------
Patrick Smith, Det OFFA1:08 PM--------------
Ismael Salgado, Det OFFA1:08 PM--------------
Francisco Sosa, Col OFFA4:10 PM--------------
Jamal Austin, Sea OF  SSPDFA4:10 PM--------------
Noel Cuevas, LAD OFFA4:10 PM--------------
Wade Moore, Wsh OFFA1:35 PM--------------
James Wooster, Mia OFFA1:35 PM--------------
Nick Buss, Oak OFFA3:05 PM--------------
Brady Shoemaker, Mia OFFA1:35 PM--------------
Chris Swauger, StL OFFA4:10 PM--------------
Chris Ellison, Ari OFFA4:10 PM--------------
Anthony Norman, Pit OFFA1:10 PM--------------
Kyung-Min Na, SD OFFA4:05 PM--------------
Carlo Testa, KC OFFA2:10 PM--------------
Scott Robinson, Col OFFA4:10 PM--------------
Nick Ciolli, CWS OFFA2:10 PM--------------
Daniel Kaczrowski, Ari OFFA4:10 PM--------------
Brent Wyatt, Det OFFA1:08 PM--------------
Michael Bianucci, Tex OFFA3:05 PM--------------
Alfredo Marte, Ari OFFA4:10 PM--------------
Brandon Tripp, Phi OFFA1:35 PM--------------
Steve Susdorf, Phi OFFA1:35 PM--------------
Brent Keys, Mia OFFA1:35 PM--------------
Jeremy Synan, Mia OFFA1:35 PM--------------
Brian Fletcher, KC OFFA2:10 PM--------------
Kyle Conley, StL OFFA4:10 PM--------------
Guillermo Pimentel, Sea OFFA4:10 PM--------------
Phillips Castillo, Sea OFFA4:10 PM--------------
Larry Greene, Phi OFFA1:35 PM--------------
Kyle Jensen, Mia OFFA1:35 PM--------------
L.J. Hoes, Hou DH, OFFA1:10 PM--------------
Donald Lutz, Cin OFFA1:10 PM--------------
Adam Eaton*, CWS OF  DL15FA2:10 PM--------------
Yoenis Cespedes, Bos OF, DHTC521:35 PM--------------
Juan Perez, SF OFFA4:05 PM--------------
John Rye, NYY OFFA1:35 PM--------------
Brandon Jacobs, Ari OFFA4:10 PM--------------
Steve Lombardozzi, Bal 2B, OFFA1:07 PM--------------
Michael Choice, Tex OF, DHFA3:05 PM--------------
Kyle Parker, Col OFFA4:10 PM--------------