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PLAYERSJUL 24Jul 24 Pitching
Tony Zych, ChC RP8:05 PM------------------
Joel Zumaya, FA RP  DTD------------------
Barry Zito, FA SP------------------
Charlie Zink, Bos SP0-5 Top 4th------------------
Zech Zinicola, Bal RP10:10 PM------------------
Jordan Zimmermann, Wsh SP------------------
Kyle Zimmer, KC SP  DTD8:10 PM------------------
Brad Ziegler, Ari RP------------------
Armando Zerpa, LAD RP------------------
Josh Zeid, Hou RP3:35 PM------------------
Clay Zavada, Cin RP------------------
Mauro Zarate, SD RP8:05 PM------------------
Victor Zambrano, Bal SP10:10 PM------------------
Carlos Zambrano, FA SP------------------
Matt Zaleski, CWS RP8:10 PM------------------
Mike Zagurski, Cle RP8:10 PM------------------
Matt Yourkin, SF RP0-1 Top 3rd------------------
Madison Younginer, Bos SP0-5 Top 4th------------------
Terrell Young, Wsh RP------------------
Corey Young, Tex RP1-0 Bot 3rd------------------
Chris Young, Sea SP10:10 PM------------------
Shane Youman, Pit SP------------------
Suk-Min Yoon, Bal SP  DTD10:10 PM------------------
Michael Ynoa, Oak SP3:35 PM------------------
Tyler Yates, Pit RP------------------
Kirby Yates, TB RP------------------
Miguel Yan, Mil SP8:10 PM------------------
Johan Yan, Tex RP1-0 Bot 3rd------------------
Robinson Yambati, KC RP8:10 PM------------------
Yasuhiko Yabuta, KC RP8:10 PM------------------
Michael Wuertz, Mia RP7:10 PM------------------
Wesley Wright, ChC RP8:05 PM------------------
Steven Wright, Bos RP0-5 Top 4th------------------
Mike Wright, Bal RP10:10 PM------------------
Matt Wright, Phi SP1-0 Top 3rd------------------
Jaret Wright, Bal SP10:10 PM------------------
Jamey Wright, LAD RP------------------
Chase Wright, Mil SP8:10 PM------------------
Rob Wort, Wsh RP------------------
Mark Worrell, Bal RP10:10 PM------------------
Vance Worley, Pit SP------------------
Brandon Workman, Bos RP, SP0-5 Top 4th------------------
Eric Wordekemper, NYY RP0-1 Bot 3rd------------------
Rob Wooten, Mil RP8:10 PM------------------
Mark Woodyard, Det RP10:05 PM------------------
Abraham Woody, Ari RP------------------
Jake Woods, Sea RP10:10 PM------------------
Bryan Woodall, Ari RP------------------
Travis Wood, ChC SP8:05 PM------------------
Tim Wood, Min RP  DTD8:10 PM------------------