Daily Leaders

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PLAYERSAUG 30Aug 30 Pitching
Darren Oliver, FA RP------------------
Andy Pettitte, NYY SP0-2 Top 5th------------------
Jamey Wright, LAD RP8:40 PM------------------
Bartolo Colon, NYM SP PP7:10 PM------------------
Derek Lowe, Tex RP7:10 PM------------------
Ryan Dempster, Bos SP  DTD7:10 PM------------------
Tim Byrdak, FA RP------------------
Bruce Chen, KC SP, RP7:10 PM------------------
Octavio Dotel, FA RP  DTD------------------
Roy Halladay, FA SP------------------
Freddy Garcia, Atl SP7:10 PM------------------
Ted Lilly, LAD SP8:40 PM------------------
Tim Hudson, SF SP9:05 PM------------------
A.J. Burnett, Phi SP7:10 PM------------------
Ramon Ortiz, FA SP------------------
Chad Durbin, Phi RP7:10 PM------------------
Barry Zito, FA SP------------------
Jon Garland, Col SP8:10 PM------------------
Josh Beckett*, LAD SP  DL158:40 PM------------------
Scott Downs, KC RP7:10 PM------------------
Jason Marquis, FA SP------------------
Bronson Arroyo*, Ari SP  DL158:10 PM------------------
Jake Westbrook, FA SP------------------
Randy Choate, StL RP0-0 Bot 1st
8:15 PM
Mark Buehrle, Tor SP2-0 Top 5th------------------
Ryan Vogelsong, SF SP9:05 PM------------------
CC Sabathia*, NYY SP  DL600-2 Top 5th------------------
Jon Rauch, KC RP7:10 PM------------------
Roy Oswalt, FA SP------------------
R.A. Dickey, Tor SP2-0 Top 5th------------------
Scott Atchison, Cle RP7:10 PM------------------
Kyle Lohse, Mil SP9:05 PM------------------
Brandon Lyon, LAA RP9:05 PM------------------
Brett Myers, Cle SP7:10 PM------------------
Jake Peavy, SF SP PP9:05 PM------------------
Jerome Williams, Phi SP, RP PP7:10 PM------------------
Jeremy Affeldt, SF RP9:05 PM------------------
Aaron Harang, Atl SP PP7:10 PM------------------
John Lackey, StL SP0-0 Bot 1st
8:15 PM
Pedro Feliciano, FA RP------------------
Cliff Lee*, Phi SP  DL157:10 PM------------------
Jeremy Guthrie, KC SP7:10 PM------------------
Jose Contreras, Tex RP7:10 PM------------------
Sean Burnett*, LAA RP  DL609:05 PM------------------
Luis Ayala, Wsh RP9:10 PM------------------
Adam Wainwright, StL SP0-0 Bot 1st
8:15 PM
Jeremy Bonderman, FA SP, RP------------------
Chris Capuano, NYY SP, RP0-2 Top 5th------------------
Edgar Gonzalez, Hou RP7:10 PM------------------
Kevin Correia, LAD SP8:40 PM------------------