Daily Leaders

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Miguel Batista, FA RP------------------
Andy Pettitte, NYY SP------------------
Jason Isringhausen, FA RP------------------
Jeff Suppan, SD SP------------------
Jamey Wright, LAD RP70.172342754514.351.41
Bartolo Colon, NYM SP202.121892301511504.091.23
Chris Carpenter, FA SP------------------
Kevin Millwood, FA SP------------------
Carl Pavano, FA SP------------------
Kerry Wood, ChC RP------------------
Ryan Dempster, Bos SP------------------
Tim Byrdak, FA RP------------------
Bruce Chen, KC SP, RP48.169401636207.451.76
Roy Halladay, FA SP------------------
Freddy Garcia, Atl SP------------------
Kyle Farnsworth, Hou RP28.232141518034.401.64
Guillermo Mota, KC RP------------------
Ted Lilly, LAD SP------------------
Tim Hudson, SF SP189.11997534120903.571.23
Randy Wolf, Mia SP25.23315619115.261.52
Brad Penny, Mia RP, SP26.034191313206.581.81
Kip Wells, SD SP------------------
A.J. Burnett, Pit SP  DTD213.220510996190804.591.41
Dan Wheeler, KC RP------------------
J.C. Romero, Wsh RP------------------
Barry Zito, FA SP------------------
Josh Beckett, LAD SP115.2963739107602.881.17
Johan Santana, Bal SP  DTD------------------
Rodrigo Lopez, Phi RP------------------
Jason Marquis, FA SP------------------
Bronson Arroyo, Ari SP  DTD86.092391947704.081.29
Jake Westbrook, FA SP------------------
Mark Buehrle, Tor SP202.022876461191303.391.36
Carlos Zambrano, FA SP------------------
Ryan Vogelsong, SF SP184.21788258151804.001.28
CC Sabathia, NYY SP  DTD46.058271048305.281.48
Will Ohman, Wsh RP------------------
Ben Sheets, FA SP------------------
Roy Oswalt, FA SP------------------
Mike MacDougal, LAD RP------------------
R.A. Dickey, Tor SP215.219189741731403.711.23
Scott Atchison, Cle RP72.060221449622.751.03
Aaron Cook, FA SP  DTD------------------
Kyle Lohse, Mil SP198.118378451411303.541.15
Jake Peavy, SF SP202.21968463158703.731.28
Erik Bedard, TB SP75.284402964404.761.49
Aaron Harang, Atl SP204.121581711611203.571.40
Oliver Perez, Ari RP58.250192476302.911.26
Cliff Lee, Phi SP  DTD81.1100331272403.651.38
Jeremy Guthrie, KC SP202.221593491241304.131.30