Daily Leaders

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PLAYERSJUL 29Jul 29 Batting
Niko Goodrum, Min SS8:10 PM--/------------
Gioskar Amaya, ChC SS0-0 Top 1st--/------------
Daniel Lockhart, ChC SS0-0 Top 1st--/------------
Bryan Brito, Sea SS1-0 Top 4th--/------------
Ketel Marte, Sea SS1-0 Top 4th--/------------
Nick Natoli, Bos SS1-1 Bot 3rd--/------------
Shane Opitz, Tor SS1-1 Bot 3rd--/------------
D.J. Jarrad, CWS SS0-2 Top 4th--/------------
Casio Grider, LAD SS10:10 PM--/------------
Luis Nieves, NYM SS0-2 Bot 4th--/------------
Jose Peraza, Atl SS10:10 PM--/------------
Noah Perio, Mia SS0-0 Bot 3rd--/------------
David Hernandez, Col SS0-0 Top 1st--/------------
Pedro Mendoza, Mia SS0-0 Bot 3rd--/------------
Alfredo Lopez, Mia SS0-0 Bot 3rd--/------------
Kirk Singer, Pit SS10:15 PM--/------------
Julian Morillo, TB SS0-0 Top 5th--/------------
Kelson Brown, Pit SS10:15 PM--/------------
Eugenio Suarez, Det 3B, SS2-0 Top 4th1/100001.000
Matt Cline, Mil SS0-0 Top 5th--/------------
Carter Jurica, SF SS10:15 PM--/------------
Nick Ahmed, Ari SS0-2 Top 4th--/------------
Juniel Querecuto, TB SS0-0 Top 5th--/------------
Brandon Brewer, LAA SS3-3 Bot 3rd--/------------
Charlie Mirabal, LAD SS10:10 PM--/------------
Bobby Haney, SF SS10:15 PM--/------------
Jace Peterson, SD SS, 2B10:10 PM--/------------
Leonardo Reginatto, TB SS0-0 Top 5th--/------------
Joseph Becker, LAD SS10:10 PM--/------------
Jonathan Berti, Tor SS1-1 Bot 3rd--/------------
Ronny Gil, StL SS10:10 PM--/------------
Carlos Sanchez, CWS SS0-2 Top 4th--/------------
Rolando Gomez, LAA SS3-3 Bot 3rd--/------------
Jimmy Swift, LAA SS3-3 Bot 3rd--/------------
Brandon Loy, Det SS2-0 Top 4th--/------------
Kevin Moesquit, LAA SS3-3 Bot 3rd--/------------
Anthony Phillips, Sea SS1-0 Top 4th--/------------
Jonathan Griffin, Ari SS0-2 Top 4th--/------------
Jean Almanzar, LAA SS3-3 Bot 3rd--/------------
Derek Mitchell, Phi SS2-0 Bot 4th--/------------
Drew Maggi, Pit SS10:15 PM--/------------
Brian Guinn, SD SS10:10 PM--/------------
Brad Miller, Sea SS1-0 Top 4th--/------------
Phillip Evans, NYM SS0-2 Bot 4th--/------------
Wilfredo Tovar, NYM SS  DTD0-2 Bot 4th--/------------
Trevor Story, Col SS0-0 Top 1st--/------------
Levi Michael, Min SS  DTD8:10 PM--/------------
Ronny Rodriguez, Cle SS0-1 Top 4th--/------------
Francisco Lindor, Cle SS0-1 Top 4th--/------------
Javier Baez, ChC SS0-0 Top 1st--/------------