Daily Leaders

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Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY OF100/3554464224.282
Eric Young Jr., NYM OF48/2033611225.236
Rajai Davis, Det OF76/2573763224.296
Alex Rios, Tex OF111/3644144216.305
Starling Marte, Pit OF  DTD79/3084053221.256
Carlos Gomez, Mil OF106/34958144817.304
Leonys Martin, Tex OF79/2953952818.268
Jarrod Dyson, KC OF44/1502011318.293
Mike Trout, LAA OF107/34565227310.310
Nate McLouth, Wsh OF24/1278174.189
Emilio Bonifacio*, ChC 2B, OF  DL1563/2412911613.261
Andrew McCutchen, Pit OF115/35557176115.324
Brett Gardner, NYY OF96/3445693715.279
Craig Gentry, Oak OF49/181310716.271
Juan Pierre, FA OF--/------------
Michael Bourn*, Cle OF  DL1576/285373217.267
Hunter Pence, SF OF113/3816712338.297
Jordan Schafer, Atl OF12/6980214.174
Will Venable, SD OF50/249232144.201
Ben Revere, Phi OF96/3254111226.295
Coco Crisp, Oak OF, DH  DTD74/2544773116.291
Shane Victorino*, Bos OF  DL1522/91101102.242
Carlos Gonzalez, Col OF54/209298322.258
Ichiro Suzuki, NYY OF60/202250116.297
Shin-Soo Choo, Tex OF, DH78/322479333.242
Alejandro De Aza, CWS OF65/2803152712.232
Denard Span, Wsh OF95/3535711915.269
Desmond Jennings, TB OF  DTD83/3384882412.246
Norichika Aoki, KC OF71/273360147.260
Dexter Fowler*, Hou OF  DL1577/285436246.270
Alfonso Soriano, NYY OF, DH50/226226231.221
Drew Stubbs, Col OF66/22638102711.292
Michael Brantley, Cle OF113/35163156310.322
Carl Crawford, LAD OF41/1572141810.261
Justin Ruggiano, ChC OF45/154214201.292
Adam Jones, Bal OF116/3855416544.301
Gregor Blanco, SF OF44/197181168.223
Lorenzo Cain, KC OF80/2612833712.307
Michael Saunders*, Sea OF  DL1554/196316283.276
Billy Hamilton, Cin OF95/3334753838.285
B.J. Upton, Atl OF75/3494472615.215
A.J. Pollock*, Ari OF  DL1556/177286158.316
Chris Denorfia, SD OF55/225211157.244
Ben Zobrist, TB 2B, SS, OF85/319426245.266
Alex Gordon, KC OF  DTD87/325479446.268
Brandon Barnes, Col OF44/175214134.251
Bryce Harper, Wsh OF30/123122111.244
Yasiel Puig, LAD OF106/3435312527.309
Jayson Werth, Wsh OF96/3455712545.278
Michael Cuddyer*, Col OF  DL6038/120165163.317