Daily Leaders

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PLAYERSJUL 1Jul 1 Batting
Josh Harrison, Pit 3B, 2B, OF2-3 Top 5th0/10000.000
Julio Borbon, Bal OF2-1 Bot 4th--/------------
Moises Sierra, Mia OF5-5 Bot 11th--/------------
Kevin Pillar, Tor OFL 1-22/80001.250
Reed Johnson, Wsh OFW 3-2--/------------
Scott Van Slyke, LAD OF, 1B1-0 Top 5th--/------------
Steve Pearce*, TB OF, 1B, 2B, DH  DL15L 2-10--/------------
Mike Baxter, Sea OF  DTD1-2 Bot 4th--/------------
Chris Colabello, Tor 1B, OF  SSPDL 1-2--/------------
Jordan Danks, Tex OFW 3-2--/------------
Anthony Gose, Det OFW 10-2--/------------
Tyler Moore, Atl 1B, OF  DTD5-5 Bot 11th--/------------
Jordany Valdespin, Det OFW 10-2--/------------
Nolan Reimold, Bal OF2-1 Bot 4th--/------------
Caleb Gindl, Tor OFL 1-2--/------------
Alex Presley, Mil OFL 1-7--/------------
Scott Hairston, Wsh OFW 3-2--/------------
Franklin Gutierrez, Sea OF1-2 Bot 4th--/------------
Brian Bogusevic, Phi OFW 4-3--/------------
Collin Cowgill, Cle OFW 2-1--/------------
Jackie Bradley Jr., Bos OF5-4 Bot 7th1/31000.333
Cody Asche, Phi OF, 3BW 4-31/30010.333
Ryan Sweeney, Min OFL 2-3--/------------
Jeff Francoeur, Atl OF5-5 Bot 11th1/31000.333
Danny Valencia, Oak 3B, OF3-2 Top 5th0/10000.000
Sean Rodriguez, Pit 1B, 2B, SS, OF2-3 Top 5th--/------------
Derrick Robinson, Wsh OFW 3-2--/------------
Shane Robinson, LAA OF4-5 Bot 7th--/------------
Eduardo Escobar, Min SS, OFL 2-3--/------------
J.D. Martinez*, Det OF  DL15W 10-2--/------------
L.J. Hoes, Bal OF2-1 Bot 4th--/------------
Sam Fuld*, Oak OF  DL603-2 Top 5th--/------------
Roger Bernadina, NYM OF10-2 Bot 7th--/------------
Matt Tuiasosopo, Atl OF5-5 Bot 11th--/------------
Peter Bourjos, Phi OFW 4-31/41000.250
Junior Lake, Tor OFL 1-20/10000.000
Khris Davis, Oak OF, DH3-2 Top 5th0/20000.000
Travis Snider, KC OFL 3-4--/------------
Logan Schafer, Wsh OFW 3-2--/------------
Chris Heisey, Wsh OFW 3-20/10000.000
Robbie Grossman, Min OFL 2-31/40000.250
Kole Calhoun, LAA OF4-5 Bot 7th1/40000.250
Melvin Upton Jr., SD OF3-1 Bot 2nd1/110101.000
Delmon Young, Bal OF2-1 Bot 4th--/------------
Ryan Braun, Mil OFL 1-70/40000.000
Jarrod Dyson, KC OFL 3-4--/------------
Lonnie Chisenhall, Cle OF, 3BW 2-15/80000.625
Curtis Granderson, NYM OF  DTD10-2 Bot 7th--/------------
Skip Schumaker, SD OF3-1 Bot 2nd--/------------
Avisail Garcia, CWS OF, DHL 0-51/40000.250