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PLAYERSJUN 3Jun 3 Pitching
Jordan Whatcott, Phi RP7:05 PM------------------
Matt West, LAD RP8:00 PM------------------
Jared Wells, Col RP8:00 PM------------------
Duke Welker, Pit RP  DTD3:45 PM------------------
Zack Weiss, Cin RP7:05 PM------------------
Walker Weickel, SD RP9:10 PM------------------
Thad Weber, Tor RP7:05 PM------------------
Tyler Webb, NYY RP3:40 PM------------------
Travis Webb, Mil RP1-7 Top 5th------------------
Ryan Webb, Cle RP8:10 PM------------------
John Webb, TB RP10:05 PM------------------
Daniel Webb, CWS RP8:05 PM------------------
Casey Weathers, Cle RP8:10 PM------------------
Dakota Watts, Min RP1-5 Top 6th
7:10 PM
Tony Watson, Pit RP3:45 PM------------------
Sean Watson, Cin RP7:05 PM------------------
Adam Warren, NYY RP, SP3:40 PM------------------
Jim Ed Warden, Wsh RP7:05 PM------------------
Wei-Chung Wang, Mil RP1-7 Top 5th------------------
T.J. Walz, Oak RP7:08 PM------------------
Jeff Walters, NYM RP  DTD9:10 PM------------------
Kevin Walter, Phi RP7:05 PM------------------
Les Walrond, NYM RP9:10 PM------------------
Josh Wall, Pit RP3:45 PM------------------
Kevin Walker, CWS RP8:05 PM------------------
Kyle Waldrop, Pit RP3:45 PM------------------
Jordan Walden*, StL RP  DL157-1 Top 5th------------------
Neil Wagner, Tor RP  DTD7:05 PM------------------
Brady Wager, Bal RP8:10 PM------------------
Jason Waddell, ChC RP7:10 PM------------------
Jay Voss, Mia RP7:10 PM------------------
Kendal Volz, Bos RP5-1 Top 6th
7:10 PM
Chris Volstad, Col RP8:00 PM------------------
Paul Voelker, Det RP7:08 PM------------------
Arodys Vizcaino, Atl RP  SSPD3:40 PM------------------
Pedro Viola, Bal RP8:10 PM------------------
Nick Vincent, SD RP9:10 PM------------------
Pedro Villarreal, Cin RP7:05 PM------------------
Brayan Villarreal, Bos RP5-1 Top 6th
7:10 PM
Henry Villar, Hou RP8:10 PM------------------
Carlos Villanueva, StL RP, SP7-1 Top 5th------------------
Logan Verrett, Tex RP8:05 PM------------------
Jamie Vermilyea, Tor RP7:05 PM------------------
Drew VerHagen, Det RP7:08 PM------------------
Jose Veras, Atl RP3:40 PM------------------
Pat Venditte, Oak RP7:08 PM------------------
Jon Velasquez, NYM RP9:10 PM------------------
Donnie Veal, Atl RP3:40 PM------------------
Beau Vaughan, Oak RP7:08 PM------------------
Luis Vasquez, Atl RP  DTD3:40 PM------------------