Daily Leaders

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PLAYERSMAY 3May 3 Batting
Geulin Beltre, KC OFL 4-6--/------------
Nick Benedetto, Cin OFL 0-5--/------------
Joe Benson, Atl OFW 5-0--/------------
Ronald Bermudez, Bos OF8:00 PM--/------------
Roger Bernadina, Col OF1-2 Top 3rd--/------------
Wynton Bernard, Det OFW 6-4--/------------
Quintin Berry, Bos OF8:00 PM--/------------
Mookie Betts, Bos OF8:00 PM--/------------
Mike Bianucci, Tex OF0-2 Bot 6th--/------------
Dustin Biell, TB OFL 2-4--/------------
Evan Bigley, Min OF12-2 Bot 6th--/------------
Charlie Blackmon, Col OF1-2 Top 3rd1/21110.500
Gregor Blanco, SF OF3-0 Bot 3rd0/10000.000
Kyle Blanks, Tex OF, 1B0-2 Bot 6th0/10001.000
Jabari Blash, Sea OF6-7 Top 9th--/------------
Brennan Boesch, Cin OFL 0-51/40000.250
Brian Bogusevic, Phi OFW 6-2--/------------
Ryan Bolden, LAA OF0-3 Bot 3rd--/------------
Emilio Bonifacio, CWS 2B, OF2-12 Bot 6th--/------------
Jorge Bonifacio, KC OFL 4-6--/------------
James Boone, Pit OF1-1 Top 9th--/------------
Julio Borbon, Bal OFW 4-2--/------------
Smaily Borgues, ChC OF3-5 Top 9th--/------------
Sebastien Boucher, Phi OFW 6-2--/------------
Jason Bourgeois*, Cin OF  DL60L 0-5--/------------
Peter Bourjos, StL OF1-1 Top 9th--/------------
Michael Bourn, Cle OFW 10-70/31000.000
Auston Bousfield, SD OF2-1 Top 3rd--/------------
Jackie Bradley Jr., Bos OF8:00 PM--/------------
Michael Brantley, Cle OFW 10-72/32020.667
Ryan Braun, Mil OF5-3 Top 9th0/40000.000
Bryce Brentz, Bos OF8:00 PM--/------------
Daniel Brewer, NYY OF8:00 PM--/------------
Travis Brewster, Mia OFL 2-6--/------------
Lewis Brinson, Tex OF0-2 Bot 6th--/------------
Socrates Brito, Ari OF0-0 Top 4th--/------------
Andrew Brown, NYM OFL 0-1--/------------
Corey Brown, TB OFL 2-4--/------------
Domonic Brown, Phi OFW 6-2--/------------
Gary Brown, LAA OF0-3 Bot 3rd--/------------
Kevin Brown, ChC OF3-5 Top 9th--/------------
Matt Brown, Cle OFW 10-7--/------------
Keon Broxton, Pit OF1-1 Top 9th--/------------
Jay Bruce, Cin OFL 0-50/40000.000
Brian Bryles, TB OFL 2-4--/------------
Steven Bumbry, Bal OFW 4-2--/------------
Jarrett Burgess, Sea OF6-7 Top 9th--/------------
Michael Burgess, Hou OF7-6 Top 9th--/------------
Kyler Burke, ChC OF3-5 Top 9th--/------------
Billy Burns, Oak OF2-0 Bot 6th1/30000.333