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PLAYERSAUG 29Aug 29 Batting
Andres Torres, FA OF--/------------
Melky Cabrera, Tor OF1-5 Bot 7th0/30000.000
Chris Denorfia, Sea OF  DTD10:10 PM--/------------
Tony Gwynn, Phi OF1-4 Top 8th--/------------
Dustin Ackley, Sea 2B, OF S10:10 PM0/00000.000
Craig Gentry, Oak OF10:05 PM--/------------
Nate McLouth*, Wsh OF  DL6010:10 PM--/------------
Nyjer Morgan, Cle OF4-0 Top 4th--/------------
Dexter Fowler, Hou OF1-2 Top 4th1/100101.000
Austin Jackson, Sea OF S10:10 PM0/00000.000
Michael Brantley, Cle OF4-0 Top 4th1/21000.500
Starling Marte, Pit OF0-0 Top 8th0/30000.000
Josh Reddick, Oak OF S10:05 PM0/00000.000
Eduardo Nunez, Min SS, 3B, OF0-9 Top 7th--/------------
Curtis Granderson, NYM OF4-1 Top 8th0/40000.000
David Murphy*, Cle OF  DL154-0 Top 4th--/------------
Alex Gordon, KC OF0-4 Top 4th0/20000.000
Lorenzo Cain, KC OF0-4 Top 4th1/100001.000
Jordany Valdespin, Mia OF, 2B0-0 Top 6th--/------------
Torii Hunter, Det OF2-1 Bot 3rd0/10010.000
Matt Kemp, LAD OF S10:10 PM0/00000.000
Justin Maxwell, KC OF0-4 Top 4th--/------------
Jay Bruce, Cin OF0-0 Top 8th1/30000.333
Alex Presley*, Hou OF  DL151-2 Top 4th--/------------
Jayson Werth, Wsh OF S10:10 PM0/00000.000
Scott Podsednik, FA OF--/------------
Michael Cuddyer*, Col OF  DL159:40 PM--/------------
Scott Hairston, Wsh OF10:10 PM--/------------
Nelson Cruz, Bal OF, DH9-0 Top 7th0/21000.000
Chris Young, NYM OF4-1 Top 8th--/------------
Jose Tabata, Pit OF0-0 Top 8th1/30000.333
Ezequiel Carrera, Det OF2-1 Bot 3rd1/110001.000
Bryan Petersen, Tex OF2-1 Top 4th--/------------
Alexi Amarista, SD OF, 2B, 3B, SS S10:10 PM0/00000.000
Josh Hamilton, LAA OF, DH S10:05 PM0/00000.000
David DeJesus*, TB OF, DH  DL153-8 Bot 5th--/------------
Sam Fuld, Oak OF S10:05 PM0/00000.000
Tyler Colvin, SF OF10:15 PM--/------------
Gorkys Hernandez, KC OF0-4 Top 4th--/------------
Josh Harrison, Pit OF, 2B, 3B0-0 Top 8th2/30000.667
Bobby Abreu, NYM OF4-1 Top 8th--/------------
Alfonso Soriano, FA OF, DH--/------------
Rich Thompson, TB OF  DTD3-8 Bot 5th--/------------
Brennan Boesch, LAA OF10:05 PM--/------------
Trayvon Robinson, LAD OF10:10 PM--/------------
Chris Heisey, Cin OF0-0 Top 8th0/10000.000
Giancarlo Stanton, Mia OF0-0 Top 6th0/10000.000
Xavier Avery, Sea OF10:10 PM--/------------
Carl Crawford, LAD OF S10:10 PM0/00000.000
Jason Bay, Sea OF10:10 PM--/------------