Daily Leaders

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PLAYERSJUN 28Jun 28 Pitching
Edinson Volquez, KC SP0-0 Top 2nd------------------
Ricky Romero, SF SP10:15 PM------------------
Ubaldo Jimenez, Bal SP PP10:10 PM------------------
C.J. Wilson*, LAA SP  DL6010:05 PM------------------
Tim Lincecum, LAA SP PP10:05 PM------------------
Yu Darvish*, Tex SP  DL152-0 Bot 5th------------------
Justin Masterson, Bos SP, RP2-0 Bot 4th------------------
Francisco Liriano, Pit SP10:10 PM------------------
Aaron Harang, Phi SP9:40 PM------------------
Yovani Gallardo, Bal SP10:10 PM------------------
Matt Moore, TB SP0-2 Bot 4th------------------
Gio Gonzalez, Wsh SP1-0 Bot 2nd------------------
Felix Doubront*, Oak SP  DL6010:15 PM------------------
Barry Zito, Oak SP10:15 PM------------------
Jon Lester, ChC SP2-0 Bot 5th4.11011000.000.46
Bud Norris, Atl RP, SP0-2 Top 6th------------------
Josh Johnson, SD SP  DTD10:10 PM------------------
Clay Buchholz, Bos SP, RP2-0 Bot 4th------------------
Mat Latos, CWS SP0-1 Top 2nd------------------
Lance Lynn*, StL SP  DL600-0 Top 2nd------------------
Clayton Kershaw, LAD SP  DTD0-0 Top 2nd------------------
Jarrod Parker*, Oak SP  DL6010:15 PM------------------
A.J. Burnett, Pit SP10:10 PM------------------
Ryan Vogelsong*, Pit SP, RP  DL6010:10 PM------------------
Ervin Santana, Min SP1-0 Top 2nd------------------
Justin Verlander, Det SP0-3 Top 5th------------------
Max Scherzer, Wsh SP1-0 Bot 2nd------------------
David Price, Bos SP2-0 Bot 4th------------------
Matt Harrison*, Phi SP  DL609:40 PM------------------
Jeremy Hellickson, Phi SP  DTD9:40 PM------------------
James Shields, CWS SP0-1 Top 2nd------------------
Wei-Yin Chen, Mia SP3-0 Top 5th------------------
Erik Bedard, LAD SP0-0 Top 2nd------------------
Felix Hernandez*, Sea SP  DL1510:10 PM------------------
Wandy Rodriguez, Hou SP10:05 PM------------------
J.A. Happ, Tor SP PP8:40 PM------------------
Jeff Samardzija, SF SP10:15 PM------------------
Ivan Nova, NYY SP, RP0-2 Bot 5th------------------
Mike Minor*, KC SP  DL600-0 Top 2nd------------------
Jason Vargas*, KC SP  DL600-0 Top 2nd------------------
Ian Kennedy, KC SP0-0 Top 2nd------------------
R.A. Dickey, Tor SP8:40 PM------------------
Zack Greinke, Ari SP PP9:40 PM------------------
Travis Wood, ChC RP, SP2-0 Bot 5th------------------
Henderson Alvarez*, Oak SP  DL6010:15 PM------------------
Randy Wolf, Det SP0-3 Top 5th------------------
Adam Wainwright, StL SP0-0 Top 2nd------------------
Cole Hamels, Tex SP2-0 Bot 5th4.15014000.001.38
Homer Bailey*, Cin SP  DL600-2 Bot 5th------------------
Ross Detwiler, Cle RP, SP2-0 Top 6th------------------