Daily Leaders

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PLAYERSMAY 6May 6 Batting
Jason Bay, Sea OF10:05 PM--/------------
Dioner Navarro*, Tor C, DH  DL153-1 Bot 5th--/------------
James Loney, TB 1B2-2 Bot 4th0/20000.000
Jed Lowrie*, Hou SS  DL150-0 Bot 1st--/------------
J.D. Martinez, Det OF1-0 Bot 1st0/00000.000
Alfonso Soriano, FA OF, DH--/------------
Nick Green, Mia SSL 5-7--/------------
Miguel Cabrera, Det 1B, DH1-0 Bot 1st0/00000.000
Gregor Blanco, SF OFL 1-90/10000.000
Peter Bourjos, StL OF0-0 Top 1st0/00000.000
Humberto Quintero, Bos C2-2 Bot 4th--/------------
Russell Martin, Tor C3-1 Bot 5th1/21000.500
Mark Reynolds, StL 1B, 3B0-0 Top 1st0/00000.000
Brandon Moss, Cle 1B, OF1-0 Top 1st0/00000.000
Francisco Cervelli, Pit C0-3 Top 5th0/10000.000
Neil Walker, Pit 2B0-3 Top 5th0/20000.000
John Mayberry Jr., NYM 1B, OF2-0 Bot 4th--/------------
Ben Revere, Phi OF1-2 Top 5th1/21000.500
Brandon Barnes, Col OFL 7-13
1-1 Top 5th
Lucas Duda, NYM 1B2-0 Bot 4th0/20000.000
Didi Gregorius, NYY SS1-3 Bot 5th--/------------
Luis Jimenez, Bos 3B2-2 Bot 4th--/------------
Albert Pujols, LAA 1B, DH S10:05 PM0/00000.000
Robinson Cano, Sea 2B S10:05 PM0/00000.000
Torii Hunter, Min OF0-0 Bot 1st0/10000.000
Jimmy Rollins, LAD SS0-2 Bot 1st0/10000.000
Coco Crisp, Oak OF0-0 Bot 1st0/10000.000
David DeJesus, TB DH2-2 Bot 4th2/200001.000
Chris Denorfia*, ChC OF  DL150-0 Top 1st--/------------
Ryan Roberts, KC 2B0-1 Top 1st--/------------
Ben Zobrist*, Oak 2B, SS, OF  DL150-0 Bot 1st--/------------
Chris Iannetta, LAA C10:05 PM--/------------
Troy Tulowitzki, Col SSL 7-13
1-1 Top 5th
David Murphy, Cle OF, DH1-0 Top 1st--/------------
Travis Snider, Bal OF0-2 Bot 4th--/------------
Mark Trumbo, Ari 1B, OFW 13-7
1-1 Top 5th
Josh Donaldson, Tor 3B3-1 Bot 5th0/20000.000
Todd Frazier, Cin 3B, 1B3-0 Top 5th1/21000.500
Jesus Guzman, Hou 1B0-0 Bot 1st--/------------
Buster Posey, SF C, 1BL 1-9--/------------
Alex Avila, Det C1-0 Bot 1st--/------------
Gerardo Parra, Mil OF2-0 Bot 1st--/------------
J.P. Arencibia, Bal C, 1B0-2 Bot 4th--/------------
Craig Gentry, Oak OF0-0 Bot 1st--/------------
Ike Davis, Oak 1B0-0 Bot 1st0/00000.000
Brett Lawrie, Oak 3B, 2B0-0 Bot 1st0/00000.000
Brandon Belt, SF 1BL 1-92/30000.667
Jason Kipnis, Cle 2B1-0 Top 1st1/100001.000
Jean Segura, Mil SS2-0 Bot 1st0/00000.000
Vernon Wells, NYY OF1-3 Bot 5th--/------------