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PLAYERSAUG 22Aug 22 Batting
Marco Scutaro*, SF 2B  DL1510-2 Top 9th--/------------
Chris Denorfia, Sea OF0-3 Top 8th--/------------
Angel Pagan, SF OF10-2 Top 9th2/51000.400
Evan Longoria, TB 3BW 8-03/41130.750
Shelley Duncan, Ari DH3-0 Bot 2nd--/------------
Pablo Sandoval, SF 3B10-2 Top 9th1/31010.333
Kyle Blanks*, Oak OF, 1B  DL1510:05 PM--/------------
Everth Cabrera*, SD SS  DL150-3 Bot 2nd--/------------
Desmond Jennings, TB OFW 8-02/51010.400
Paul Konerko, CWS 1B, DH3-3 Bot 8th--/------------
Carlos Beltran, NYY OF, DH  DTD3-3 Bot 8th--/------------
Endy Chavez, Sea OF, DH0-3 Top 8th1/100001.000
Carl Crawford, LAD OF10:10 PM--/------------
Andres Torres, FA OF--/------------
Chase Utley, Phi 2BW 5-40/40010.000
Miguel Cabrera, Det 3B, 1B, DH4-6 Top 5th2/31000.667
Alex Rios, Tex OF, DH1-4 Top 7th1/30000.333
Prince Fielder*, Tex 1B  DL601-4 Top 7th--/------------
Matt Holliday, StL OFL 4-51/41020.250
Carlos Quentin*, SD OF  DL150-3 Bot 2nd--/------------
Yuniesky Betancourt, FA 1B, 3B--/------------
Nate McLouth*, Wsh OF  DL152-10 Top 9th--/------------
Kelly Johnson, Bos OF, 1B, 2B, 3B3-0 Top 8th--/------------
Melky Cabrera, Tor OFL 0-80/30000.000
James Loney, TB 1BW 8-00/50000.000
Martin Prado, NYY 3B, 2B, OF3-3 Bot 8th1/41120.250
Ben Zobrist, TB 2B, SS, OFW 8-01/61010.167
Rajai Davis, Det OF4-6 Top 5th0/20000.000
Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY OF3-3 Bot 8th2/41010.500
Carlos Gonzalez*, Col OF  DL152-4 Top 5th--/------------
Hunter Pence, SF OF10-2 Top 9th1/51010.200
Carlos Gomez, Mil OF2-6 Bot 6th0/30000.000
Chase Headley, NYY 3B3-3 Bot 8th0/10000.000
Seth Smith, SD OF, DH0-3 Bot 2nd0/10000.000
Denard Span, Wsh OF2-10 Top 9th0/40000.000
Matt Joyce, TB OF, DHW 8-01/31000.333
Brett Gardner, NYY OF3-3 Bot 8th1/21001.500
Nick Hundley, Bal CL 1-4--/------------
John Jaso, Oak C, DH10:05 PM--/------------
A.J. Ellis, LAD C S10:10 PM0/00000.000
Pedro Alvarez, Pit 3B6-2 Bot 6th--/------------
Yonder Alonso*, SD 1B  DL150-3 Bot 2nd--/------------
Michael Brantley, Cle OF1-2 Top 9th0/30000.000
Domonic Brown, Phi OFW 5-40/30000.000
Brandon Crawford, SF SS10-2 Top 9th0/40000.000
A.J. Pollock*, Ari OF  DL153-0 Bot 2nd--/------------
Daniel Nava, Bos OF3-0 Top 8th1/41000.250
Jason Kipnis, Cle 2B1-2 Top 9th1/30001.333
Jedd Gyorko, SD 2B0-3 Bot 2nd0/10000.000
Jose Altuve, Hou 2B2-1 Top 9th0/30000.000