Daily Leaders

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PLAYERSAUG 30Aug 30 Batting
Carlos Santana, Cle C, 1B, 3B, DH0-0 Bot 1st0/10000.000
Omar Infante, KC 2B0-0 Bot 1st1/100001.000
Miguel Cabrera, Det 3B, 1B, DHL 3-6
0-0 Top 2nd
Jose Bautista, Tor OF, 1B, DHW 2-01/31120.333
Edwin Encarnacion, Tor 1B, DHW 2-01/30000.333
Josh Willingham, KC OF, DH0-0 Bot 1st--/------------
Adam Lind, Tor 1B, DHW 2-01/40000.250
Asdrubal Cabrera, Wsh SS, 2B S9:10 PM0/00000.000
Michael Brantley, Cle OF0-0 Bot 1st1/100001.000
J.P. Arencibia, Tex C, 1B0-0 Top 2nd--/------------
Lorenzo Cain, KC OF0-0 Bot 1st0/00000.000
Starling Marte, Pit OFW 3-20/30000.000
Mike Trout, LAA OF S9:05 PM0/00000.000
Torii Hunter, Det OFL 3-6
0-0 Top 2nd
David Ortiz, Bos DH0-0 Bot 1st0/10000.000
Mark DeRosa, Tor 2B, 3BW 2-0--/------------
Albert Pujols, LAA 1B, DH S9:05 PM0/00000.000
Jamey Carroll, Wsh 3B9:10 PM--/------------
Joe Mauer, Min C, 1B, DH0-0 Bot 1st0/10000.000
Justin Morneau, Col 1B8:10 PM--/------------
David DeJesus*, TB OF, DH  DL150-0 Bot 1st--/------------
J.J. Hardy, Bal SS0-0 Bot 1st0/00000.000
Prince Fielder*, Tex 1B  DL600-0 Top 2nd--/------------
Nate McLouth*, Wsh OF  DL609:10 PM--/------------
Melky Cabrera, Tor OFW 2-01/40000.250
Dustin Pedroia, Bos 2B0-0 Bot 1st0/10000.000
Nick Markakis, Bal OF0-0 Bot 1st0/10000.000
Adam Jones, Bal OF0-0 Bot 1st0/00000.000
Michael Bourn, Cle OF0-0 Bot 1st0/10000.000
Chris Iannetta, LAA C9:05 PM--/------------
Andrew McCutchen, Pit OFW 3-20/21000.000
Mark Reynolds, Mil 1B, 3B, DH9:05 PM--/------------
Mike Aviles, Cle 3B, 2B, SS, OF0-0 Bot 1st0/00000.000
Chris Davis, Bal 1B, 3B0-0 Bot 1st0/00000.000
Travis Snider, Pit OF  DTDW 3-2--/------------
Chris Getz, Tor 2BW 2-0--/------------
Chris Dickerson, Cle DH, OF0-0 Bot 1st--/------------
Mark Trumbo, Ari 1B, OF S8:10 PM0/00000.000
Welington Castillo, ChC CW 5-1
8:15 PM
Drew Stubbs, Col OF S8:10 PM0/00000.000
Pedro Florimon, Min SS0-0 Bot 1st--/------------
David Lough, Bal OF0-0 Bot 1st--/------------
Avisail Garcia, CWS OFW 6-3
0-0 Top 2nd
Daniel Nava, Bos OF0-0 Bot 1st0/00000.000
Anthony Gose, Tor OFW 2-0--/------------
Munenori Kawasaki, Tor SS, 2B, 3BW 2-00/30000.000
Yan Gomes, Cle C0-0 Bot 1st0/00000.000
Miguel Tejada, FA 2B, 3B--/------------
Alfonso Soriano, FA OF, DH--/------------
Brandon Inge, Pit 2BW 3-2--/------------