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PLAYERSAPR 25Apr 25 Batting
Torii Hunter, Min OF S9:10 PM0/00000.000
Joe Mauer, Min 1B S9:10 PM0/00000.000
Jose Reyes, Tor SS2-4 Top 9th1/40000.250
Jhonny Peralta, StL SS2-0 Bot 5th1/20000.500
Ryan Doumit, Atl C2-2 Top 7th--/------------
Michael Bourn, Cle OFL 1-40/40000.000
Adam Lind, Mil 1B, DH0-2 Bot 5th1/20000.500
Billy Butler, Oak DH, 1BL 3-90/30000.000
Garrett Jones, NYY 1BL 2-80/10000.000
Chase Headley, NYY 3BL 2-80/30000.000
Justin Upton, SD OF S8:40 PM0/00000.000
Brandon Moss, Cle 1B, OFL 1-40/40000.000
Jed Lowrie, Hou SSW 9-32/32020.667
Daniel Murphy, NYM 2BW 8-20/51000.000
Will Venable, SD OF8:40 PM--/------------
Austin Jackson, Sea OF S9:10 PM0/00000.000
Eric Young Jr., Atl OF2-2 Top 7th0/20000.000
Pedro Alvarez, Pit 3B, 1B0-0 Top 2nd0/10000.000
Julio Borbon, Bal OF3-2 Bot 6th--/------------
Jesus Guzman, Hou 1BW 9-3--/------------
Freddie Freeman, Atl 1B2-2 Top 7th0/30000.000
Josh Reddick, Oak OFL 3-92/210001.000
Lorenzo Cain, KC OF Ppd--/------------
Ben Revere, Phi OF2-2 Top 7th0/20001.000
Starlin Castro, ChC SS0-0 Top 1st0/00000.000
Alexi Amarista, SD OF, 2B, 3B, SS S8:40 PM0/00000.000
Jordy Mercer, Pit SS0-0 Top 2nd0/00000.000
Anthony Rizzo, ChC 1B0-0 Top 1st0/00000.000
Starling Marte, Pit OF0-0 Top 2nd0/10000.000
Eric Hosmer, KC 1B Ppd--/------------
Yoenis Cespedes, Det OF, DHW 4-11/40000.250
Anthony Rendon*, Wsh 2B, 3B  DL15L 0-8--/------------
Raul Ibanez, KC OF, DH Ppd--/------------
David Ortiz, Bos DH2-3 Bot 6th0/30000.000
Adrian Beltre, Tex 3B S9:05 PM0/00000.000
A.J. Pierzynski, Atl C2-2 Top 7th0/30000.000
Eric Chavez, Ari 3B0-0 Top 2nd--/------------
Carlos Beltran, NYY OF, DHL 2-8--/------------
Alfonso Soriano, FA OF, DH--/------------
Jimmy Rollins, LAD SS S8:40 PM0/00000.000
Juan Pierre, FA OF--/------------
Ichiro Suzuki, Mia OFW 8-02/41000.500
Albert Pujols, LAA 1B, DH S9:05 PM0/00000.000
Lyle Overbay, Mil 1B0-2 Bot 5th--/------------
Brandon Inge, Pit 2B0-0 Top 2nd--/------------
Juan Uribe, LAD 3B S8:40 PM0/00000.000
Endy Chavez, Sea OF9:10 PM--/------------
Victor Martinez, Det DH, 1BW 4-12/40030.500
Brandon Phillips, Cin 2B0-0 Top 1st0/00000.000
Marlon Byrd, Cin OF0-0 Top 1st0/00000.000