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Crimal Justice Ballers

Creator: Joey Kaiser
Format: League Manager
Scoring: H2H Each Cat.
Teams: 8

League Manager's Note

Welcome to FLB 2014!

Welcome to ESPN Fantasy Baseball League Manager! Messages from your league's LM will be posted here throughout the season. Watch for updates about your draft, league standings, links, photos, etc.. We look forward to a great season!


2014 League Champion!
Jeff Greens Dream Team
Owner(s): max wordon
Regular Season Record: 117-77-16

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1.Jeff Greens Dream Team117-77-16
2.Kentucky Kaiserkids112-93-5
3.Team Nice Dynamite91-105-14
4.Team McCullough81-116-13
1.Team Levin129-76-5
2.Team Kingston116-88-6
3.Team Perez84-118-8
4.Team Padin70-127-13
Updated Saturday, October 4, 2014

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