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2013 Baseball Man's League

Creator: J. Soderberg
Format: League Manager
Scoring: H2H Each Cat.
Teams: 18

League Manager's Note

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2013 League Champion!
Top-Six Mark
Owner(s): Mark Ling
Regular Season Record: 118-77-15

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1.Last Man Mike119-81-10
2.Mrs. Berry Mehul110-82-18
3.Former Mayor Darren106-89-15
4.Exotic Wheat Toast107-93-10
5.Not the Worst KC100-98-12
6.Sooooo Taguchi Ryan98-104-8
7.Pod Vader92-104-14
8.Major League Cliff83-117-10
9.Harrison Weasel77-114-19
1.Dirty Mike120-76-14
2.Hot Oatmeal Craig118-76-16
3.Top-Six Mark118-77-15
4.Ding David92-102-16
5.Mike Trout Sam90-105-15
6.Steve Sanders Brian89-105-16
7.Replacement Eric89-112-9
8.Blurb Mike85-114-11
9.Anonymous Exec Brian74-118-18
Updated Saturday, October 5, 2013

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