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Philadelphia Roto 202526

League Index: .7710
League Production
Format: Standard
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Week 24 Forecaster

AP Photo/Darren Hauck

Tristan H. Cockcroft previews the upcoming week, which is a critical one for the Brewers. Forecaster: Sept. 15-21

Karabell: Nats, Orioles values
Podcast: Deep-league strategy
Cockcroft: Rankings update
Daily Notes: For Wednesday


2013 League Champion!
Team Torkos
Owner(s): Jonathan Torkos

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1.Team Torkos90.5
2.s 771
3.DC Dualities64
4.Double Bagged56.5
5.SJ Hitmen55
6.Team Kane49.5
7.Team Robert Petrucci47.5
8.Team batista46.5
8.Team Mugford46.5
10.Winslow Black Raiders23
Updated Saturday, October 5, 2013

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