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Old School Baseball League

Creator: D Waggoner
Format: League Manager
Scoring: H2H Points
Teams: 20

League Manager's Note

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2010 League Champion!
Cincinnati Reds
Owner(s): D Waggoner
Regular Season Record: 14-5

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National League East
1.Montreal Expos12-7
2.St. Louis Cardinals9-10
3.Philadelphia Phillies8-11
4.Chicago Cubs6-13
5.Pittsburgh Pirates6-13
National League West
1.Cincinnati Reds14-5
2.Atlanta Braves10-9
3.San Francisco Giants9-10
4.LA Dodgers8-11
5.San Diego Padres5-14
American League East
1.Detroit Tigers15-4
2.New York Yankees10-9
3.Toronto Blue Jays10-9
4.Boston Red Sox9-10
5.Texas Rangers1-18
American League West
1.Chicago White Sox15-4
2.Kansas City Royals13-6
3.California Angels11-8
4.Milwaukee Brewers10-9
5.Minnesota Twins9-10
Updated Thursday, October 7, 2010

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