League Settings

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Basic Settings
Troy's Leauge
fight till over
Head to Head Points
ESPN Custom

Current Roster Size: 32

Total Starters: 29

Total On Bench: 3 (1 DL)

Catcher (C)1No Limit
First Base (1B)2No Limit
Second Base (2B)1No Limit
Third Base (3B)1No Limit
Shortstop (SS)2No Limit
Middle Infielder (2B/SS)1N/A
Corner Infielder (1B/3B)1N/A
Left Field (LF)0No Limit
Center Field (CF)0No Limit
Right Field (RF)0No Limit
Outfield (OF)6N/A
Designated Hitter (DH)1No Limit
Utility (UTIL)5N/A
Pitcher (P)8N/A
Starting Pitcher (SP)0No Limit
Relief Pitcher (RP)0No Limit
Bench (BE)3N/A
Disabled List (DL)1N/A
  • The "Starters" column represents the number of players your league starts in each roster slot.
  • The "Max" column represents the maximum number of players at each position allowed on a roster.
  • The maximum allowed roster size is any combination of 40 slots.
  • Roster settings can not be edited after your league's draft is complete.
  • You can not add slots after your league has drafted. You must reset the draft in order to do so.
  • You can not decrease position maxes or change maxes that were previously zero after your league has drafted.

Games Played Limits (Maximums)
No Limit
12 Games Started
Singles (1B)1Doubles (2B)3
Triples (3B)6Home Runs (HR)10
Total Bases (TB)1Walks (BB)1
Runs Scored (R)1Runs Batted In (RBI)1
Stolen Bases (SB)1Strikeouts (K)-4
At Bats (AB)1Hits (H)2
Extra Base Hits (XBH)1Intentional Walks (IBB)1
Hit by Pitch (HBP)20Sacrifices (SAC)3
Game Winning RBI (GWRBI)9Caught Stealing (CS)-1
Net Stolen Bases (SBN)5Ground into Double Plays (GIDP)1
Hitting for the Cycle (CYC)50Grand Slam Home Runs (GSHR)20
Batter Team Win (BTW)4Batter Team Loss (BTL)-20
Fielding Chances (FC)2Put Outs (PO)1
Assists (AST)1Outfield Assists (OFAST)1
Errors (E)-1Double Plays Turned (DPT)5
Innings Pitched (IP)3Earned Runs (ER)-2
Wins (W)5Losses (L)-5
Saves (SV)5Strikeouts (K)5
Hits Allowed (H)-1Walks Issued (BB)-1
Shutouts (SO)30Pick Offs (PKO)2
Save Opportunities (SOP)1Holds (HD)1
Complete Games (CG)24Quality Starts (QS)1
Perfect Games (PG)13Pitcher Team Win (PTW)1
Saves Plus Holds (SVHD)1
Team and Division Settings
Team JonesTeam 32wes
Team AK47Team McEldowney
Super PowersBrave Hearts
Team WaggonerThe Squad
  • League rules are defaulted to ESPN's standard settings.
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Player Rules
Acquisition and Waiver Rules
Daily - Lock Individually at Scheduled Gametime
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
No Limit
No Limit
1 Day
Move to Last After Claim, Never Reset Order
Trade Rules
No Limit
Friday, August 14, 12PM ET
1 Day
Keepers Rules
  • Select your league's Regular Season and Playoff Bracket settings.
  • Your default schedule is automatically generated based on the number of teams and divisions in your league.
  • For more information see the Playoff Settings rules page.

Regular Season Setup
Week 1 (Start of Season)
21 (Playoffs start Week 22)
Season View
Playoff Bracket Setup
4 (2 rounds)
2 weeks per round
Head to Head Record
Playoff Bracket View

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Draft Type
Your league conducts its own offline draft and you submit the results manually.
Your league will participate in a live online draft with ESPN's live draft software. Based on a predetermined draft order, each team takes a turn selecting a player in a set amount of time. This type of draft is sometimes called a Snake Draft, as the draft order reverses each round.
Your league's rosters are automatically drafted based on each team's pre-draft rankings list. Each team owner will receive an email upon the draft's completion.
Your league will participate in a live online auction draft using ESPN's auction draft software. In an auction draft, teams begin with a set budget and take turns nominating players to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.
Draft Settings
Sunday, April 19, 2015 at 4:00 PM ET
Randomized One Hour Prior to Draft Time