Player Rater

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1Ben Zobrist, Oak 2B, SS, OF1.370.060.98-0.461.300.
2Ryan Zimmerman*, Wsh 3B, 1B, OF  DL15----------------------
3Bradley Zimmer, Cle OF----------------------
4Pedro Zapata, NYM OF----------------------
5Oliver Zapata, ChC OF----------------------
6Eric Young Jr., Atl OF----------------------
7Matt Young, LAA OF----------------------
8Delmon Young, Bal OF, DH-0.93-0.72-1.06-0.46-
9Chris Young, NYY OF1.040.840.981.410.
10Rafael Ynoa, Col 2B, OF-0.27-0.72-1.060.48-0.830.
11Christian Yelich, Mia OF0.710.06-0.771.411.620.
12Brent Wyatt, Det OF----------------------
13Ty Wright, ChC OF----------------------
14Chad Wright, Det OF----------------------
15Andy Workman, LAA OF----------------------
16James Wooster, Mia OF----------------------
17Travis Witherspoon, LAD OF----------------------
18Dewayne Wise, CWS OF  DTD----------------------
19Jesse Winker, Cin OF----------------------
20David Winfree, Ari OF----------------------
21Corey Wimberly, Min OF----------------------
22Mike Wilson, Cin OF----------------------
23Marcus Wilson, Ari OF----------------------
24Kenny Wilson, Mia OF----------------------
25Josh Willingham, KC OF, DH----------------------
26Mac Williamson, SF OF----------------------
27Nick Williams, Tex OF----------------------
28Mason Williams*, NYY OF  DL15----------------------
29J.D. Williams, Min OF----------------------
30Everett Williams, SD OF----------------------
31Shannon Wilkerson, Bos OF----------------------
32Keenan Wiley, Atl OF----------------------
33Rowan Wick, StL OF----------------------
34Boomer Whiting, Wsh OF----------------------
35Cole White, Pit OF----------------------
36Christopher White, Det OF----------------------
37Josh Whitaker, Oak OF----------------------
38Tim Wheeler, Col OF----------------------
39Jayson Werth*, Wsh OF  DL15----------------------
40Ronnie Welty, Bal OF----------------------
41Vernon Wells, NYY OF----------------------
42Casper Wells, Det OF----------------------
43Nick Weglarz, TB OF----------------------
44Rickie Weeks, Sea 2B, OF, DH----------------------
45Jon Weber, NYY OF----------------------
46Donnie Webb, Mia OF----------------------
47Brenden Webb, Bal OF----------------------
48Bo Way, LAA OF----------------------
49Brandon Watson, LAD OF----------------------
50Austin Wates, Mia OF----------------------