Player Rater

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51Brennan Boesch, Bos OF  DTD----------------------
52Brian Bogusevic, Phi OF----------------------
53Jorge Bonifacio, KC OF----------------------
54Julio Borbon, Bal OF----------------------
55Jason Bourgeois, Ari OF----------------------
56Peter Bourjos, Phi OF-0.15-0.57-0.220.51-0.550.
57Michael Bourn, Ari OF-0.29-0.57-0.220.79-
58Auston Bousfield, SD OF----------------------
59Jackie Bradley Jr., Bos OF1.381.531.990.791.770.
60Michael Brantley*, Cle OF  DL15-0.95-0.96-0.74-0.34-
61Ryan Braun, Mil OF0.781.341.
62Bryce Brentz, Bos OF-1.28-0.96-1.19-0.62-
63Travis Brewster, Mia OF----------------------
64Lewis Brinson, Tex OF  DTD----------------------
65Socrates Brito*, Ari OF  DL15-1.02-0.57-0.93-0.34-0.310.
66Corey Brown, LAD OF----------------------
67Domonic Brown, Tor OF----------------------
68Gary Brown, LAA OF----------------------
69Kevin Brown, ChC OF----------------------
70Keon Broxton, Mil OF-0.82-0.76-1.061.07-
71Jay Bruce, Cin OF S1.582.102.510.220.850.
72Kris Bryant, ChC 3B, OF S2.382.492.05-0.060.410.
73Brian Burgamy, LAD OF----------------------
74Michael Burgess, Hou OF----------------------
75Billy Burns, Oak OF0.65-0.96-0.543.05-0.760.
76Nick Buss, LAA OF----------------------
77Joey Butler, Cle OF, DH----------------------
78Byron Buxton, Min OF-0.42-0.76-0.611.07-1.300.
79Marlon Byrd, Cle OF  SSPD-0.550.000.04-0.620.
80Melky Cabrera, CWS OF1.050.571.28-0.621.310.
81Lorenzo Cain, KC OF1.110.571.281.070.940.
82Kole Calhoun, LAA OF1.650.961.41-0.061.410.
83Daz Cameron, Hou OF----------------------
84Mark Canha*, Oak 1B, OF  DL15-1.02-0.38-0.80-0.62-0.950.
85Daniel Carbonell, SF OF----------------------
86Jose Cardona, Tex OF----------------------
87D.K. Carey, Wsh OF----------------------
88Ezequiel Carrera, Tor OF0.31-0.38-0.800.220.990.
89Omar Carrizales, Col OF----------------------
90Matt Carson, LAD OF----------------------
91Alex Castellanos, Col OF----------------------
92Deivy Castillo, LAD OF----------------------
93Rusney Castillo, Bos OF-1.02-0.96-1.19-0.62-
94Jake Cave, Cin OF----------------------
95Exicardo Cayones, NYY OF----------------------
96Darrell Ceciliani, Tor OF-1.28-0.96-1.19-0.62-
97Yoenis Cespedes, NYM OF S1.312.491.67-0.341.
98Adron Chambers, ChC OF----------------------
99Lonnie Chisenhall, Cle OF, 3B S0.05-0.57-
100Michael Choice, Cle OF----------------------