Player Rater

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1Shane Robinson, StL OF-1.05-0.87-0.95-0.56-0.820.
2Domingo Santana, Hou OF-1.14-0.87-1.13-0.56-0.550.
3Michael Martinez, Pit OF-1.09-0.87-1.04-0.56-0.620.
4Chris Herrmann, Min C, OF-1.05-0.87-1.09-0.56-0.590.
5Jeff Francoeur, SD OF-1.09-0.87-1.09-0.56-0.520.
6Jamie Romak, LAD OF-1.09-0.87-1.00-0.56-0.550.
7Steven Souza*, Wsh OF  DL15-1.18-0.87-1.13-0.56-
8Caleb Gindl, Mil OF-1.18-0.87-1.13-0.56-
9Mike Baxter, LAD OF-1.18-0.87-1.13-0.56-
10Justin Maxwell, KC OF-1.01-0.87-1.00-0.56-0.530.
11Brennan Boesch, LAA OF-1.14-0.87-1.04-0.41-0.490.
12Randal Grichuk, StL OF-1.01-0.72-1.00-0.56-0.660.
13Xavier Paul, Ari OF-1.09-0.87-1.13-0.56-
14Kyle Parker, Col OF-1.18-0.87-1.13-0.56-
15Joey Butler, StL OF-1.18-0.87-1.13-0.56-
16Jaff Decker, Pit OF-1.18-0.87-1.13-0.56-
17Matt Szczur, ChC OF-1.18-0.87-1.13-0.56-
18Aaron Altherr, Phi OF-1.18-0.87-1.13-0.56-
19Billy Burns, Oak OF-1.18-0.87-1.13-0.56-
20Tyler Collins, Det OF-1.14-0.87-1.13-0.56-
21Roger Bernadina, Cin OF  DTD-1.05-0.87-0.91-0.26-0.760.
22Donald Lutz, Cin OF-1.09-0.87-1.13-0.56-
23Alex Hassan, Bos OF-1.14-0.87-1.13-0.56-
24Jason Pridie, Col OF-1.14-0.87-1.13-0.56-
25Tony Gwynn, Phi OF-0.56-0.87-1.00-0.26-
26Darin Mastroianni, Tor OF-0.87-0.72-1.04-0.41-0.750.
27Corey Brown, Bos OF-1.18-0.87-1.13-0.56-
28Logan Schafer, Mil OF-0.70-0.87-0.86-0.41-0.930.
29Mike Carp, Tex OF, 1B-0.74-0.87-0.60-0.56-0.990.
30Zoilo Almonte, NYY OF-1.09-0.72-1.00-0.41-0.530.
31Roger Kieschnick, Ari OF-1.09-0.72-1.04-0.56-0.310.
32Juan Perez, SF OF-0.74-0.72-1.04-0.56-0.630.
33Nate McLouth*, Wsh OF  DL15-0.74-0.72-0.820.04-1.390.
34Tony Campana, LAA OF-1.01-0.87-1.000.04-0.790.
35Ezequiel Carrera, Det OF-1.05-0.87-1.13-0.26-
36Kevin Pillar, Tor OF  DTD-0.92-0.87-1.04-0.56-
37Jerry Sands*, TB OF  DL60-1.14-0.72-0.95-0.56-
38Michael Taylor, Wsh OF-1.05-0.72-1.04-0.56-
39Brad Snyder, Tex OF, 1B-1.05-0.57-1.00-0.56-0.340.
40Xavier Nady, SD OF-1.01-0.42-0.95-0.56-0.560.
41L.J. Hoes, Hou DH, OF-0.70-0.42-0.64-0.56-
42Matt den Dekker, NYM OF-0.87-0.87-1.00-0.11-0.640.
43Scott Hairston, Wsh OF-0.96-0.72-0.86-0.56-
44Jimmy Paredes, Bal OF-1.05-0.87-1.13-0.26-
45Jim Adduci, Tex OF-0.70-0.72-0.78-0.26-0.920.
46Jesus Guzman, Hou 1B, OF-0.79-0.57-0.78-0.26-0.970.
47Tyler Holt, Cle OF-1.14-0.87-1.04-0.560.
48Jordany Valdespin, Mia OF, 2B-0.96-0.57-0.86-0.56-0.330.
49Andrew Brown, NYM OF-0.92-0.57-0.82-0.56-0.410.
50Matt McBride, Col OF-1.14-0.72-0.95-0.560.