Player Rater

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51Peter Bourjos, StL OF-0.21-0.82-0.861.690.400.
52Wil Myers, SD OF3.411.281.851.130.400.
53Jorge Soler, ChC OF0.740.230.40-0.540.360.
54Seth Smith, Sea OF0.17-0.30-0.14-0.540.340.
55Oswaldo Arcia, Min OF  DTD-
56Kyle Blanks, Tex OF, 1B-0.790.23-0.500.020.340.
57Joc Pederson, LAD OF1.502.341.490.020.320.
58Alex Gordon, KC OF0.550.761.13-0.540.310.
59Yasiel Puig*, LAD OF  DL15-0.600.23-0.50-0.540.300.
60Danny Santana, Min SS, OF0.36-0.82-
61Michael Taylor, Wsh OF-0.790.230.400.570.
62Ichiro Suzuki, Mia OF0.55-0.30-0.320.570.
63Yasmany Tomas, Ari OF-0.79-0.82-0.500.
64Billy Burns, Oak OF-0.98-0.82-1.22-0.540.
65Jon Jay, StL OF0.36-0.82-0.50-0.540.
66Bryce Harper, Wsh OF2.071.811.49-0.540.
67Mike Aviles, Cle 3B, 2B, OF0.360.23-0.68-0.540.
68Gerardo Parra, Mil OF-0.02-0.82-0.68-0.540.
69Junior Lake, ChC OF-1.17-0.82-1.04-0.540.
70David Lough, Bal OF-0.98-0.30-1.04-0.540.
71Starling Marte, Pit OF1.122.341.851.690.
72Carlos Gomez, Mil OF-0.41-0.300.220.570.
73Brandon Guyer, TB OF-0.41-0.300.040.570.
74Joey Butler, TB OF-1.36-0.82-1.22-0.540.
75Colby Rasmus, Hou OF0.931.810.580.
76Torii Hunter, Min OF0.360.230.580.
77Mikie Mahtook, TB OF-1.17-0.30-0.86-0.54-
78J.B. Shuck, CWS OF-1.36-0.82-0.68-0.54-
79Kelly Johnson, Atl 3B, 1B, OF0.551.811.13-0.54-
80Paulo Orlando, KC OF0.17-0.82-0.500.57-
81L.J. Hoes, Hou OF-1.17-0.82-1.22-0.54-
82Danny Dorn, Ari OF-1.36-0.82-1.22-0.54-
83Efren Navarro, LAA 1B, OF-0.79-0.82-1.22-0.54-
84Carl Crawford*, LAD OF  DL15-0.60-0.30-0.68-0.54-
85David Murphy, Cle OF, DH-0.790.23-0.86-0.54-
86David Peralta, Ari OF0.360.760.40-0.54-
87Chris Heisey, LAD OF-1.36-0.82-1.22-0.54-
88Matt den Dekker, Wsh OF-1.36-0.82-1.22-0.54-
89Matt Szczur, ChC OF-1.17-0.82-1.040.57-
90Randal Grichuk*, StL OF  DL15-0.98-0.30-0.86-0.54-
91Reed Johnson*, Wsh OF  DL15-1.36-0.82-0.86-0.54-
92Jarrod Dyson, KC OF-0.21-0.82-1.041.13-
93Ben Zobrist*, Oak 2B, SS, OF  DL150.17-0.300.220.02-
94Justin Maxwell, SF OF0.170.760.40-0.54-
95Tyler Holt, Cle OF-1.36-0.82-1.22-0.54-
96Justin Ruggiano, Sea OF-0.60-0.82-1.220.57-
97Michael Saunders, Tor OF-0.98-0.82-0.68-0.54-
98Austin Jackson, Sea OF  DTD0.740.23-0.502.25-
99Jonny Gomes, Atl OF-0.210.760.22-0.54-0.310.
100Ben Revere, Phi OF0.55-0.820.042.25-0.340.