Player Rater

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51Cesar Hernandez, Phi OF, 2B, 3B-0.67-0.69-0.98-0.39-0.430.
52Mookie Betts, Bos OF-0.94-0.69-1.04-0.39-
53Kris Negron, Cin OF-1.10-0.51-0.93-0.57-
54Carlos Quentin, SD OF-0.77-0.15-0.18-0.57-1.410.
55Marc Krauss, Hou OF, 1B-0.72-0.15-0.34-0.57-
56J.B. Shuck, LAA OF-0.72-0.51-0.66-0.21-0.950.
57Raul Ibanez, KC OF, DH-0.18-0.150.14-0.03-2.750.
58Abraham Almonte, Sea OF-0.67-0.69-0.72-0.03-0.850.
59Jake Goebbert, SD OF, 1B-0.88-0.69-0.98-0.39-
60Ryan Raburn, Cle OF, DH-0.45-0.51-0.18-0.57-
61Chone Figgins*, LAD OF, 3B  DL15-0.77-0.87-1.090.15-0.340.
62Aaron Hicks, Min OF-0.34-0.69-0.66-0.21-
63Stefen Romero, Sea 2B, OF, DH-0.18-0.33-0.55-0.57-
64Steve Lombardozzi, Bal 2B, OF-0.88-0.87-1.04-0.390.320.
65Avisail Garcia*, CWS OF  DL60-0.88-0.51-0.93-0.570.
66Kevin Frandsen, Wsh 1B, 2B, OF-0.61-0.69-0.66-0.57-
67Ryan Doumit, Atl C, OF, DH-0.83-0.33-0.50-0.39-0.710.
68Jason Kubel, Min OF-0.56-0.69-0.45-0.39-0.670.
69Cody Ross*, Ari OF  DL15-0.72-0.51-0.55-0.57-0.400.
70Tyler Moore, Wsh OF, 1B-0.88-0.33-0.55-0.57-0.410.
71Moises Sierra, CWS OF-0.29-0.51-0.77-0.39-0.720.
72Elian Herrera, Mil OF-0.77-0.87-1.04-
73Cole Gillespie*, Tor OF  DL15-0.72-0.69-0.88-0.21-
74Ryan Kalish, ChC OF-0.61-0.87-0.93-0.03-
75Kirk Nieuwenhuis, NYM OF-0.72-0.51-0.55-0.39-
76Chris Dickerson, Cle DH, OF-0.77-0.51-0.82-0.570.510.
77Don Kelly, Det OF, 1B, 3B-0.45-0.87-0.930.15-
78Kyle Blanks*, Oak OF, 1B  DL15-0.67-0.51-0.77-0.570.410.
79Tyler Colvin, SF OF-0.34-0.51-0.23-0.39-0.620.
80Robbie Grossman, Hou OF-0.34-0.33-0.29-0.03-
81Bobby Abreu, NYM OF-0.56-0.69-0.39-0.39-
82Grant Green*, LAA 2B, OF  DL15-0.83-0.69-0.66-0.390.630.
83Daniel Robertson, Tex OF-0.67-0.87-0.61-
84Reed Johnson, Mia OF-0.51-0.51-0.07-0.57-
85Michael Choice, Tex OF, DH-0.340.570.36-0.39-
86Cameron Maybin, SD OF  SSPD-0.24-0.69-0.66-0.03-
87Nyjer Morgan*, Cle OF  DL60-0.77-0.69-0.82-0.030.500.
88Endy Chavez, Sea OF, DH-0.45-0.69-0.61-0.03-
89Shane Victorino, Bos OF-0.51-0.69-0.61-
90Corey Hart, Sea 1B, OF, DH-0.400.03-0.12-0.21-
91David Lough, Bal OF-0.18-0.51-0.720.51-0.830.
92John Mayberry Jr.*, Phi OF, 1B  DL15-0.610.21-0.02-0.57-0.720.
93Will Venable, SD OF0.14-0.33-0.340.51-1.660.
94Skip Schumaker, Cin 2B, OF-0.18-0.69-0.34-0.21-
95Jose Tabata, Pit OF  DTD-0.56-0.87-0.39-0.390.630.
96Jeff Baker, Mia 1B, 2B, OF-0.29-0.51-0.12-0.39-
97Mark Trumbo, Ari 1B, OF-0.450.39-0.02-0.39-0.990.
98Bryce Harper, Wsh OF-0.34-0.33-0.50-0.390.
99Grady Sizemore, Phi OF-0.24-0.51-0.340.33-0.640.
100Jordan Schafer, Atl OF-0.72-0.87-1.042.12-0.870.