Player Rater

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51Chris Davis, Bal 1B, OF, DH-0.79-0.70-0.66-0.45-
52Brett Gardner, NYY OF0.430.17-0.290.600.470.
53Will Venable, LAD OF----------------------
54Dexter Fowler, ChC OF0.020.170.45-0.450.370.
55Matt Tuiasosopo, Atl OF----------------------
56Peter Bourjos, Phi OF0.84-0.70-0.290.60-
57Mark Trumbo, Bal OF, 1B, DH-0.381.050.82-0.45-0.820.
58Andrew Romine, Det 3B, 1B, SS, OF-0.380.17-0.66-0.450.
59Danny Valencia, Oak 3B, OF0.840.170.45-0.450.580.
60Austin Jackson*, CWS OF  DL15----------------------
61Jason Heyward, ChC OF-0.38-0.70-1.030.60-
62Drew Stubbs*, Tex OF  DL60----------------------
63Ian Desmond, Tex SS, OF1.242.790.820.60-0.700.
64Jon Jay*, SD OF  DL15----------------------
65Chris Coghlan*, ChC OF, 2B, 3B  DL15----------------------
66Julio Borbon, Bal OF-0.79-0.70-1.03-0.45-
67Michael Brantley*, Cle OF  DL60----------------------
68Gerardo Parra*, Col OF  DL15----------------------
69Josh Reddick, Oak OF0.840.170.45-0.450.470.
70Cole Gillespie, Mia OF-0.79-0.70-1.03-0.450.
71Lorenzo Cain*, KC OF  DL15----------------------
72Ezequiel Carrera, Tor OF-0.79-0.70-0.66-0.45-1.490.
73Shane Robinson*, LAA OF  DL15----------------------
74Michael Saunders, Tor OF0.841.920.45-0.45-
75Dustin Ackley*, NYY OF, 1B  DL60----------------------
76Craig Gentry*, LAA OF  DL60----------------------
77Ben Revere, Wsh OF-0.380.170.08-0.45-
78Jarrod Dyson, KC OF0.430.170.820.60-
79Collin Cowgill, Cle OF----------------------
80Desmond Jennings*, TB OF  DL15----------------------
81Chris Heisey, Wsh OF-0.38-0.70-1.03-0.450.
82Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Mil OF0.431.920.82-0.45-0.320.
83Lonnie Chisenhall, Cle OF, 3B0.02-0.700.080.601.
84David Lough, Phi OF----------------------
85Ryan Kalish, ChC OF----------------------
86Giancarlo Stanton, Mia OF0.430.170.82-0.450.680.
87Steven Souza Jr., TB OF0.43-0.700.45-0.45-
88Eduardo Escobar, Min SS, OF-1.20-0.70-1.03-0.45-
89Jeremy Hazelbaker, StL OF-0.79-0.70-1.03-0.45-
90Chase d'Arnaud, Atl SS, 3B, OF-0.38-0.700.080.600.590.
91Jimmy Paredes, Phi DH, OF-1.20-0.70-1.03-0.45-
92Andrew Lambo*, Oak OF  DL60----------------------
93Brandon Guyer, TB OF, DH-0.38-0.70-0.66-0.45-0.420.
94Shawn O'Malley, Sea OF, SS-0.38-0.70-0.290.600.590.
95Scott Van Slyke, LAD OF, 1B-0.38-0.70-1.030.600.820.
96Junior Lake, Tor OF-0.79-0.70-1.03-0.45-0.800.
97Avisail Garcia, CWS OF, DH-0.380.17-0.290.600.720.
98Brandon Barnes, Col OF-1.20-0.70-0.66-0.45-
99J.B. Shuck, CWS OF0.02-0.70-0.660.60-0.820.
100Trayce Thompson*, LAD OF  DL15----------------------