Player Rater

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101Jose Tabata, Pit OF  DTD-0.52-0.88-0.34-0.370.660.
102Chris Carter, Hou 1B, OF, DH0.592.421.00-0.56-1.990.
103Jason Heyward, Atl OF1.180.670.831.55-0.380.
104Drew Stubbs, Col OF S0.940.870.301.551.
105Mike Carp, Bos OF, 1B-0.75-0.88-0.75-0.56-0.390.
106Jon Jay, StL OF0.30-0.690.070.010.850.
107Eric Young Jr., NYM OF0.83-0.69-0.463.85-0.600.
108Chris Coghlan, ChC OF0.01-0.10-0.570.01-
109John Mayberry Jr., Phi OF, 1B-0.630.090.01-0.56-0.700.
110Michael Brantley, Cle OF2.341.842.461.363.
111Dayan Viciedo, CWS OF1.241.250.83-0.56-0.470.
112Jesus Guzman, Hou 1B, OF-0.69-0.49-0.75-0.18-0.850.
113Tyler Colvin, SF OF S-0.40-0.49-0.17-0.37-0.420.
114Kyle Blanks*, Oak OF, 1B  DL15-0.63-0.49-0.75-0.560.430.
115Gerardo Parra, Ari OF S1.410.090.300.40-
116Josh Reddick*, Oak OF  DL150.01-0.100.24-0.37-0.660.
117Cole Gillespie*, Tor OF  DL15-0.69-0.69-0.87-0.18-
118Lorenzo Cain, KC OF0.36-0.301.001.742.
119Jim Adduci*, Tex OF  DL15-0.98-0.88-0.98-0.560.400.
120Brennan Boesch, LAA OF-1.22-0.88-1.16-0.37-
121Charlie Culberson, Col OF, 3B, SS-0.69-0.49-0.46-0.37-
122Mike Baxter, LAD OF-1.22-0.88-1.16-0.56-
123Shane Robinson, StL OF-1.10-0.88-0.98-0.56-0.740.
124Michael Saunders*, Sea OF  DL150.590.280.480.010.530.
125Dustin Ackley, Sea 2B, OF0.65-0.100.480.01-0.930.
126Craig Gentry, Oak OF0.59-0.88-0.812.510.590.
127Allen Craig, StL 1B, OF0.710.481.35-0.37-0.540.
128Grant Green, LAA 2B, OF-0.81-0.69-0.69-0.370.740.
129Domonic Brown, Phi OF0.420.281.410.40-
130Ben Revere, Phi OF  DTD1.18-0.69-0.524.421.510.
131Chris Parmelee, Min OF, 1B-0.52-0.10-0.46-0.560.
132Jordan Danks, CWS OF-0.98-0.69-0.87-0.18-0.960.
133Logan Schafer, Mil OF-0.63-0.88-0.81-0.37-0.800.
134Jarrod Dyson, KC OF-0.05-0.69-0.462.700.870.
135Roger Kieschnick, Ari OF-1.10-0.69-1.04-0.56-
136Collin Cowgill, LAA OF0.420.09-0.22-0.370.410.
137Desmond Jennings, TB OF  DTD1.530.670.241.74-0.540.
138Chris Heisey, Cin OF-0.17-0.49-0.570.78-0.790.
139Kirk Nieuwenhuis, NYM OF-0.81-0.49-0.57-0.370.300.
140David Lough, Bal OF-0.17-0.49-0.690.40-0.990.
141Ryan Kalish, ChC OF-0.57-0.88-0.920.01-
142Alexi Amarista, SD OF, 2B, 3B, SS S-0.28-0.49-0.340.59-0.700.
143Giancarlo Stanton, Mia OF2.343.192.520.971.890.
144Steven Souza, Wsh OF-1.22-0.88-1.16-0.56-
145Tyler Moore, Wsh OF, 1B-0.87-0.30-0.52-0.56-0.420.
146Joey Butler, StL OF-1.22-0.88-1.16-0.56-
147Moises Sierra, CWS OF-0.28-0.49-0.75-0.37-0.840.
148Jimmy Paredes, KC OF-1.04-0.88-1.16-0.18-
149James Jones, Sea OF0.77-0.88-0.692.701.
150A.J. Pollock*, Ari OF  DL150.420.28-0.280.971.490.