Player Rater

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101Paulo Orlando, KC OF0.38-0.74-0.20-0.530.
102Starling Marte, Pit OF0.722.661.901.43-
103Mike Trout, LAA OF2.391.811.602.411.860.
104Brock Holt, Bos 3B, OF-0.28-0.740.400.452.
105Jerry Sands, Cle OF-0.62-0.740.10-0.530.800.
106Daniel Nava, Bos OF-0.62-0.740.40-0.53-
107Bryce Harper, Wsh OF2.052.661.00-0.530.300.
108Billy Hamilton, Cin OF1.720.11-0.817.29-0.900.
109Anthony Gose, Det OF0.720.110.400.451.560.
110J.D. Martinez, Det OF1.393.502.200.45-
111Charlie Blackmon, Col OF1.050.110.400.450.670.
112Cesar Hernandez, Phi OF-0.28-0.74-0.51-0.530.
113Eric Campbell, NYM OF0.38-0.74-0.200.450.
114Matt den Dekker, Wsh OF-1.29-0.74-1.11-0.53-
115Jake Marisnick, Hou OF0.050.110.403.380.970.
116Oswaldo Arcia, Min OF-0.620.11-0.20-0.53-0.660.
117Wil Myers, SD OF3.050.111.301.430.740.
118Christian Yelich, Mia OF  DTD0.05-0.740.100.45-0.810.
119Ender Inciarte, Ari OF2.39-0.740.701.431.480.
120Matt Szczur, ChC OF-0.95-0.74-0.811.43-
121Robbie Grossman, Hou OF0.050.11-0.20-0.53-0.480.
122Danny Santana, Min SS, OF-0.28-0.74-0.510.45-0.810.
123Joc Pederson, LAD OF1.390.960.700.450.580.
124Randal Grichuk*, StL OF  DL15-0.620.11-0.51-0.53-
125Juan Lagares, NYM OF0.72-0.740.400.450.480.
126Kole Calhoun, LAA OF0.380.110.40-0.53-0.360.
127Kevin Kiermaier, TB OF1.390.960.10-0.530.680.
128Khris Davis, Mil OF0.05-0.74-0.51-0.530.580.
129Carlos Peguero, Tex OF-0.28-0.74-0.810.450.
130Leonys Martin, Tex OF1.05-0.74-0.201.43-0.600.
131Josh Harrison, Pit OF, 3B0.720.11-0.51-0.53-0.620.
132Marcell Ozuna, Mia OF-0.28-0.74-0.20-0.530.
133Mark Canha, Oak 1B, OF1.720.111.000.450.760.
134Corey Dickerson, Col OF  DTD1.390.961.90-0.530.670.
135Nori Aoki, SF OF1.05-0.74-0.812.411.900.
136George Springer, Hou OF0.050.11-0.202.41-1.360.
137Yoenis Cespedes, Det OF, DH1.051.812.20-0.531.
138Adam Eaton, CWS OF-0.62-0.74-1.110.45-1.730.
139Mikie Mahtook, TB OF-0.950.11-0.51-0.530.
140Dalton Pompey, Tor OF1.050.960.700.45-
141Michael Taylor, Wsh OF-0.280.961.301.430.390.
142Jorge Soler, ChC OF1.050.961.60-0.531.300.
143Yasiel Puig, LAD OF0.050.960.10-0.530.
144Arismendy Alcantara, ChC 2B, OF0.38-0.74-0.810.45-1.740.
145Kevin Pillar, Tor OF1.390.110.100.45-
146Odubel Herrera, Phi SS, OF0.72-0.74-0.202.410.860.
147Gregory Polanco, Pit OF0.38-0.74-0.203.380.
148Mookie Betts, Bos OF0.720.961.303.38-0.980.
149David Peralta, Ari OF0.380.960.70-0.530.
150Yasmany Tomas, Ari OF-1.29-0.74-1.11-0.530.