Player Rater

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51Will Venable, SD OF0.660.420.350.59-
52Dexter Fowler, Hou OF1.00-0.620.350.590.660.
53Gerardo Parra, Mil OF-0.360.42-0.280.590.620.
54Kris Negron, Cin OF, 2B, 3B-0.020.42-0.280.59-
55Quintin Berry, Bal OF-0.36-0.62-0.920.59-
56Domonic Brown, Phi OF0.320.42-0.280.590.310.
57Jordan Danks, CWS OF0.32-0.62-0.920.590.780.
58Alexi Amarista, SD OF, 2B, 3B, SS1.001.452.580.590.480.
59Brandon Guyer, TB OF-0.71-0.62-0.280.590.
60Brandon Barnes, Col OF0.320.420.670.591.
61Starling Marte, Pit OF1.682.490.990.592.490.
62Mike Trout, LAA OF4.412.491.620.592.
63Alex Presley, Hou OF0.320.420.990.590.520.
64Jordany Valdespin, Mia OF, 2B-0.71-0.620.040.59-0.350.
65Billy Hamilton, Cin OF-0.71-0.62-0.280.59-2.540.
66Eric Campbell, NYM 1B, 3B, OF-0.36-0.62-0.920.59-
67Aaron Hicks, Min OF-0.36-0.62-0.280.59-0.800.
68Jake Goebbert, SD OF, 1B-0.36-0.62-0.600.59-0.810.
69Juan Lagares, NYM OF  DTD-0.36-0.620.040.590.300.
70Tyler Holt, Cle OF-1.05-0.62-0.920.59-
71Yoenis Cespedes, Bos OF, DH-0.020.420.040.59-
72Arismendy Alcantara, ChC SS, 2B, OF1.001.450.990.59-0.440.
73Gregory Polanco, Pit OF0.320.420.040.59-
74Mookie Betts, Bos OF2.020.420.040.590.580.
75Rusney Castillo, Bos OF-1.05-0.62-0.920.59-
76Terrance Gore, KC OF-0.36-0.62-0.920.59-
77Raul Ibanez, KC OF, DH-1.05-0.62-0.92-0.46-0.360.
78Bobby Abreu, NYM OF-1.05-0.62-0.92-0.460.820.
79Torii Hunter, Det OF1.681.451.31-0.462.370.
80Carlos Beltran, NYY OF, DH  DTD-1.05-0.62-0.92-0.46-
81Jayson Werth, Wsh OF1.34-0.620.35-0.461.
82Michael Cuddyer, Col OF, 1B2.713.532.58-0.461.
83Josh Hamilton, LAA OF, DH  DTD-1.05-0.62-0.92-0.460.
84Endy Chavez, Sea OF, DH-0.71-0.62-0.60-0.46-
85Marlon Byrd, Phi OF-0.71-0.620.67-0.46-
86Carl Crawford, LAD OF1.341.452.89-0.463.
87Ryan Ludwick, Cin OF-0.360.42-0.28-0.46-0.670.
88Coco Crisp, Oak OF, DH1.00-0.62-0.60-0.46-
89Jeff Baker, Mia 1B, 2B, OF-0.36-0.62-0.60-0.460.690.
90Scott Hairston, Wsh OF-1.05-0.62-0.92-0.46-0.470.
91Cody Ross, Ari OF-0.02-0.62-0.28-0.46-
92Reed Johnson, Mia OF0.32-0.62-0.28-0.460.770.
93David DeJesus, TB OF, DH-0.36-0.62-0.92-0.46-0.900.
94Jonny Gomes, Oak OF-0.36-0.62-0.92-0.46-0.690.
95Grady Sizemore, Phi OF-1.05-0.62-0.92-0.46-
96Jose Bautista, Tor OF, 1B, DH3.733.533.53-0.460.600.
97B.J. Upton, Atl OF-0.360.42-0.60-0.46-0.340.
98Corey Hart, Sea 1B, OF, DH-1.05-0.62-0.92-0.46-0.350.
99Josh Willingham, KC OF, DH0.32-0.62-0.92-0.46-0.580.
100Curtis Granderson, NYM OF1.680.421.31-0.461.630.