Player Rater

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101Chris Colabello, Min 1B, OF, DH-0.720.25-0.14-0.510.580.
102Daniel Nava, Bos OF0.14-0.790.02-0.510.580.
103Kelly Johnson, NYY OF, 1B, 2B, 3B0.490.25-0.14-0.51-0.650.
104Chris Heisey, Cin OF-0.03-0.27-0.470.52-0.350.
105Ryan Doumit, Atl C, OF, DH-0.550.25-0.310.00-
106Danny Santana*, Min SS, OF  DL15-0.03-0.79-0.470.52-
107Moises Sierra, CWS OF0.14-0.27-0.960.
108Scott Van Slyke, LAD OF, 1B-0.550.25-0.31-0.510.
109Tyler Colvin, SF OF-0.38-0.270.350.00-0.770.
110Juan Lagares, NYM OF-0.20-0.79-0.470.
111Andre Ethier, LAD OF-0.20-0.270.18-0.51-0.410.
112Allen Craig, StL 1B, OF-0.38-0.270.51-0.51-0.630.
113Delmon Young, Bal OF, DH-0.38-0.27-0.80-0.510.620.
114Mookie Betts, Bos OF-0.38-0.27-0.800.00-
115Jake Goebbert, SD OF-0.38-0.27-0.63-0.510.
116Garrett Jones, Mia 1B, OF-
117Anthony Gose, Tor OF-0.38-0.79-0.800.52-
118Jake Marisnick, Mia OF-0.72-0.79-1.122.06-
119Mike Aviles, Cle 3B, 2B, SS, OF-0.90-0.79-0.800.520.
120Chris Dickerson, Cle DH, OF  DTD-0.55-0.79-0.96-0.511.
121Dan Robertson, Tex OF-0.55-0.79-0.470.00-
122Cesar Hernandez, Phi OF, 2B, 3B-0.55-0.79-0.800.000.320.
123Dexter Fowler*, Hou OF  DL15-0.380.25-0.31-0.51-0.910.
124Carlos Quentin, SD OF-0.550.250.51-0.51-1.640.
125Norichika Aoki, KC OF-0.20-0.79-1.12-0.510.560.
126Josh Willingham, Min OF, DH0.490.770.02-0.51-2.850.
127Gregor Blanco, SF OF-0.03-0.27-0.800.52-1.510.
128Elian Herrera, Mil OF-0.90-0.79-0.800.52-
129Ryan Sweeney, ChC OF-0.38-0.27-0.63-0.51-0.350.
130Cameron Maybin, SD OF-0.20-0.79-0.140.00-
131Oswaldo Arcia, Min OF0.14-0.27-0.310.00-1.820.
132Charlie Culberson, Col OF, 3B, SS-0.72-0.27-0.470.00-0.820.
133Bobby Abreu, NYM OF-0.55-0.79-0.31-0.51-
134Travis Snider, Pit OF-0.72-0.27-0.80-0.51-
135Josh Reddick*, Oak OF  DL15-0.90-0.79-0.80-0.510.610.
136Roger Kieschnick, Ari OF-0.90-0.27-0.80-0.510.
137Gerardo Parra, Ari OF0.14-0.79-0.800.00-0.950.
138Brandon Barnes, Col OF-0.720.770.02-0.51-1.970.
139Don Kelly, Det OF, 1B, 3B-0.72-0.79-0.960.
140Jonny Gomes, Bos OF-0.72-0.79-0.14-0.51-0.300.
141Brad Snyder, Tex OF, 1B-0.900.25-0.80-0.51-0.540.
142Darin Mastroianni, Tor OF-0.55-0.27-0.80-0.51-0.400.
143Jerry Sands*, TB OF  DL15-1.07-0.27-0.63-0.51-
144Michael Morse, SF OF, 1B-1.07-0.27-0.47-0.51-0.370.
145Logan Schafer, Mil OF-0.55-0.79-1.12-0.510.
146Peter Bourjos, StL OF-0.90-0.79-0.960.00-
147Kyle Blanks*, Oak OF, 1B  DL15-0.55-0.79-1.12-0.510.
148Cody Ross, Ari OF-1.24-0.79-0.96-0.510.670.
149Nate McLouth, Wsh OF-0.72-0.79-0.80-0.51-
150Raul Ibanez, KC OF, DH-0.55-0.27-0.800.00-1.370.