Player Rater

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1Nelson Cruz, Sea OF, DH2.256.674.82-0.532.710.
2Giancarlo Stanton, Mia OF2.253.362.720.400.
3Adam Jones, Bal OF2.582.542.43-0.533.440.
4Yoenis Cespedes, Det OF, DH-0.351.712.43-0.53-0.360.
5Matt Kemp, SD OF2.900.062.131.332.780.
6Starling Marte, Pit OF1.272.542.131.330.
7Ryan Zimmerman, Wsh 3B, 1B, OF0.950.061.83-0.53-0.450.
8Justin Upton, SD OF2.582.541.83-0.531.
9Steven Souza Jr., TB OF0.952.541.832.270.380.
10Wil Myers, SD OF3.231.711.83-0.530.800.
11Chris Young, NYY OF0.952.541.53-0.531.330.
12Bryce Harper, Wsh OF1.921.711.53-0.53-
13Charlie Blackmon, Col OF0.950.891.531.331.340.
14Kole Calhoun, LAA OF1.601.711.53-0.531.900.
15Jorge Soler, ChC OF1.600.891.53-0.530.630.
16Jose Bautista, Tor OF  DTD0.952.541.23-0.53-1.580.
17Matt Holliday, StL OF0.950.061.230.401.600.
18Hanley Ramirez, Bos SS, OF1.602.541.230.400.390.
19Andrew McCutchen, Pit OF0.620.061.23-0.53-0.910.
20Brandon Moss, Cle 1B, OF0.951.711.23-0.53-
21Justin Maxwell, SF OF0.951.711.23-0.530.810.
22Jay Bruce, Cin OF0.300.891.231.33-
23Brock Holt, Bos 3B, OF-
24J.D. Martinez, Det OF1.271.711.230.400.450.
25Juan Lagares, NYM OF1.60-0.761.230.401.440.
26Torii Hunter, Min OF-
27Michael Cuddyer, NYM OF1.600.060.93-0.530.
28Ryan Raburn, Cle OF, DH-0.350.060.93-0.531.460.
29Josh Reddick, Oak OF-0.350.060.931.331.600.
30A.J. Pollock, Ari OF1.920.060.932.272.480.
31Mike Trout, LAA OF2.900.890.934.
32Joc Pederson, LAD OF0.950.890.93-0.530.890.
33Corey Dickerson, Col OF  DTD1.271.710.93-0.530.750.
34Kevin Pillar, Tor OF0.300.060.930.40-0.450.
35Mookie Betts, Bos OF0.620.060.934.13-0.810.
36Marlon Byrd, Cin OF-
37Jonny Gomes, Atl OF-0.030.890.63-0.53-
38Andre Ethier, LAD OF0.950.890.63-0.531.570.
39Travis Snider, Bal OF0.620.060.63-0.53-0.630.
40Lorenzo Cain, KC OF1.270.060.633.201.870.
41Jimmy Paredes, Bal OF1.271.710.630.401.670.
42Leonys Martin, Tex OF0.95-0.760.633.
43Carlos Beltran, NYY OF, DH-0.03-0.760.33-0.53-0.820.
44Alex Rios*, KC OF  DL15-0.35-0.760.33-0.530.380.
45Michael Morse, Mia 1B, OF-0.030.890.33-0.53-
46Melky Cabrera, CWS OF1.27-0.760.33-0.531.
47Ben Zobrist*, Oak 2B, SS, OF  DL15-0.03-0.760.330.40-0.340.
48Matt Joyce, LAA OF, DH-1.33-0.760.33-0.53-
49Mark Trumbo, Ari 1B, OF-0.680.060.33-0.530.960.
50Michael Brantley, Cle OF-0.35-0.760.330.401.950.