Player Rater

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1Coco Crisp*, Oak OF  DL15-0.87-0.87-1.23-0.21-
2Brennan Boesch, Cin OF-1.10-0.87-1.23-0.21-
3Mike Baxter, ChC OF-1.33-0.87-1.23-0.59-
4Efren Navarro, LAA 1B, OF-0.98-0.87-1.23-0.59-
5Chris Heisey, LAD OF-1.10-0.87-1.23-0.59-
6Andrew Lambo*, Pit OF  DL15-1.21-0.87-1.23-0.59-
7Matt den Dekker, Wsh OF-1.33-0.87-1.23-0.59-
8Aaron Hicks, Min OF-0.98-0.87-1.23-0.21-0.330.
9Darrell Ceciliani, NYM OF-1.33-0.87-1.23-0.59-
10Tyler Holt, Cle OF-1.33-0.87-1.23-0.59-
11L.J. Hoes, Hou OF-1.21-0.87-1.23-0.59-
12Tyler Collins, Det OF-1.21-0.87-1.23-0.59-
13Jackie Bradley Jr., Bos OF-1.33-0.87-1.23-0.59-0.650.
14Adonis Garcia, Atl OF-1.33-0.87-1.23-0.59-
15Rusney Castillo, Bos OF-1.21-0.87-1.23-0.59-
16Chris Denorfia*, ChC OF  DL15-1.10-0.87-1.12-0.590.830.
17Logan Schafer, Mil OF-0.64-0.87-1.12-0.59-0.550.
18Jarrod Dyson, KC OF-0.41-0.87-1.121.31-
19David Lough, Bal OF-1.10-0.53-1.12-0.590.
20Junior Lake, ChC OF-1.21-0.87-1.12-
21Slade Heathcott, NYY OF-1.21-0.87-1.12-0.590.
22Arismendy Alcantara, ChC 2B, OF-0.75-0.87-1.12-0.21-
23Reed Johnson*, Wsh OF  DL15-1.33-0.87-1.01-0.59-
24Jose Tabata, Pit OF-1.21-0.87-1.01-0.590.
25Craig Gentry, Oak OF-0.98-0.87-1.01-0.21-1.510.
26Allen Craig, Bos 1B, OF-0.75-0.53-1.01-0.59-1.390.
27Danny Dorn, Ari OF-1.33-0.87-1.01-0.590.
28Collin Cowgill, LAA OF  DTD-0.75-0.53-1.01-0.21-
29Desmond Jennings*, TB OF  DL15-0.52-0.87-1.011.31-0.460.
30Kirk Nieuwenhuis, NYM OF-0.98-0.87-1.010.17-1.510.
31Todd Cunningham, Atl OF-0.75-0.87-1.01-0.210.700.
32Abraham Almonte, SD OF-0.98-0.87-1.01-0.21-0.380.
33Mikie Mahtook, TB OF-1.21-0.53-1.01-0.59-
34Billy Burns, Oak OF-0.06-0.53-
35Carl Crawford*, LAD OF  DL15-0.87-0.53-0.89-0.59-
36Cody Ross, Oak OF-0.98-0.87-0.89-0.59-0.830.
37Shane Victorino*, Bos OF  DL15-0.64-0.53-0.890.55-
38Skip Schumaker, Cin OF-1.21-0.87-0.89-0.59-
39Gregor Blanco, SF OF0.51-0.53-0.890.550.
40Emilio Bonifacio, CWS 2B, OF S-1.10-0.87-0.89-0.59-0.330.
41Justin Ruggiano, Sea OF-0.41-0.19-0.890.55-0.620.
42Michael Saunders*, Tor OF  DL15-1.10-0.87-0.89-0.59-0.430.
43Brandon Barnes, Col OF-0.75-0.87-0.89-0.591.
44Austin Jackson*, Sea OF  DL15-0.06-0.19-0.781.31-
45J.B. Shuck, CWS OF-1.10-0.87-0.78-
46Jerry Sands, Cle OF-1.10-0.87-0.78-0.590.480.
47Adam Eaton, CWS OF S0.97-0.53-0.78-0.21-0.570.
48Yasiel Puig*, LAD OF  DL15-0.87-0.19-0.78-0.590.
49Jordan Schafer*, Min OF  DL15-0.29-0.87-0.67-0.59-0.570.
50Drew Stubbs, Col OF-0.75-0.19-0.67-0.21-1.560.