Player Rater

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1Xavier Nady, SD OF-0.99-0.29-0.93-0.57-0.680.
2Jason Lane, SD OF-1.23-0.89-1.17-0.57-
3Ryan Ludwick, Cin OF-
4Scott Hairston, Wsh OF-0.99-0.69-0.87-0.570.
5Cody Ross, Ari OF-0.75-0.69-0.63-0.57-0.800.
6Reed Johnson, Mia OF-0.45-0.490.02-0.570.
7David DeJesus*, TB OF, DH  DL15-0.150.10-0.16-0.570.350.
8Jonny Gomes, Bos OF0.020.100.56-0.57-0.490.
9Nick Swisher, Cle 1B, OF, DH0.140.500.74-0.57-1.990.
10Josh Willingham, Min OF, DH0.080.700.26-0.57-0.760.
11Delmon Young, Bal OF, DH-0.51-0.29-0.51-0.570.890.
12Carlos Quentin, SD OF-0.75-0.09-0.33-0.57-
13Michael Morse, SF OF, 1B0.741.881.58-0.570.750.
14Ryan Zimmerman, Wsh 3B, OF-0.21-0.290.32-0.570.340.
15Kevin Frandsen, Wsh 1B, 2B, OF-0.57-0.69-0.63-0.57-
16Ryan Sweeney, ChC OF-0.69-0.69-0.63-0.57-0.640.
17Garrett Jones, Mia 1B, OF0.981.090.98-0.570.
18Ryan Raburn, Cle OF, DH-0.51-0.49-0.16-0.57-
19Brad Snyder, Tex OF, 1B-1.05-0.49-0.99-0.57-0.410.
20Justin Maxwell, KC OF-0.99-0.89-0.99-0.57-0.640.
21Colby Rasmus, Tor OF0.261.490.44-0.57-
22Travis Snider, Pit OF-0.51-0.09-0.33-0.57-0.690.
23Chris Dickerson, Cle DH, OF-1.11-0.89-1.17-0.570.
24Mark Trumbo*, Ari 1B, OF  DL15-0.510.50-0.04-0.57-0.550.
25Chris Carter, Hou 1B, OF, DH0.562.481.04-0.57-
26Mike Carp, Bos OF, 1B-0.75-0.89-0.81-0.57-0.470.
27John Mayberry Jr., Phi OF, 1B-0.630.100.02-0.57-0.710.
28Dayan Viciedo, CWS OF1.281.290.86-0.57-
29Kyle Blanks*, Oak OF, 1B  DL15-0.63-0.49-0.75-0.570.440.
30Jim Adduci*, Tex OF  DL15-0.99-0.89-0.99-0.570.410.
31Mike Baxter, LAD OF-1.23-0.89-1.17-0.57-
32Shane Robinson, StL OF-1.11-0.89-0.99-0.57-0.750.
33Chris Parmelee, Min OF, 1B-0.57-0.09-0.45-0.570.
34Roger Kieschnick, Ari OF-1.11-0.69-1.05-0.57-
35Steven Souza, Wsh OF-1.23-0.89-1.17-0.57-
36Tyler Moore, Wsh OF, 1B-0.87-0.29-0.51-0.57-0.430.
37Joey Butler, StL OF-1.23-0.89-1.17-0.57-
38Moises Sierra, CWS OF-0.27-0.49-0.75-0.57-0.890.
39Avisail Garcia*, CWS OF  DL60-0.87-0.49-0.93-0.570.
40Caleb Gindl, Mil OF-1.23-0.89-1.17-0.57-
41Alex Hassan, Bos OF-1.17-0.89-1.17-0.57-
42Marc Krauss, Hou OF, 1B-0.75-0.09-0.33-0.57-1.330.
43Jerry Sands*, TB OF  DL15-1.17-0.69-0.93-0.57-
44Yangervis Solarte, NYY OF, 2B, 3B0.320.300.62-0.570.
45Michael Martinez, Pit OF-1.23-0.89-1.17-0.57-
46Oscar Taveras, StL OF-0.93-0.69-0.93-0.57-0.500.
47Jamie Romak, LAD OF-1.11-0.89-0.99-0.57-0.670.
48Jaff Decker, Pit OF-1.23-0.89-1.17-0.57-
49Jake Goebbert, SD OF-0.99-0.89-1.05-0.570.320.
50Randal Grichuk, StL OF-0.99-0.69-0.99-0.57-0.790.