Player Rater

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1Nelson Cruz, Sea OF, DH2.797.353.48-0.473.370.
2Hanley Ramirez, Bos SS, OF1.662.011.01-0.47-0.730.
3Adam Jones, Bal OF2.793.352.49-0.472.
4J.D. Martinez, Det OF0.532.011.501.230.360.
5Justin Upton, SD OF  DTD3.362.011.01-0.471.480.
6Dustin Ackley, Sea OF1.102.010.02-0.470.540.
7Mike Trout, LAA OF2.792.012.492.922.980.
8Bryce Harper, Wsh OF3.362.011.50-0.47-0.710.
9Jonny Gomes, Atl OF0.532.010.02-0.470.
10Jose Bautista, Tor OF1.102.011.01-0.47-1.820.
11Jeff Francoeur, Phi OF-0.030.68-0.48-0.47-
12Ryan Zimmerman, Wsh 3B, 1B, OF2.230.682.00-0.47-0.980.
13Chris Young, NYY OF0.532.011.01-0.470.660.
14Cameron Maybin, Atl OF-0.600.68-0.48-0.47-0.890.
15Andrew McCutchen, Pit OF-0.030.682.00-0.470.390.
16Alejandro De Aza, Bal OF1.660.680.
17Steve Pearce, Bal 1B, OF-0.03-0.65-0.98-0.47-1.560.
18Jay Bruce, Cin OF-0.030.681.011.23-0.990.
19Chris Coghlan, ChC OF1.
20Lorenzo Cain, KC OF2.230.681.502.922.820.
21Giancarlo Stanton, Mia OF1.662.012.491.23-0.310.
22Steven Souza Jr., TB OF1.
23Starling Marte, Pit OF-0.030.680.021.23-0.730.
24Kevin Kiermaier, TB OF  DTD0.53-0.65-0.98-0.470.
25Corey Dickerson, Col OF1.10-0.650.51-0.471.
26Dalton Pompey, Tor OF1.662.010.51-0.47-0.980.
27Michael Taylor, Wsh OF-0.600.681.502.920.
28Jorge Soler, ChC OF1.102.012.99-0.471.
29Yasiel Puig, LAD OF-
30Mookie Betts, Bos OF-0.030.682.004.62-0.310.
31Michael Cuddyer, NYM OF2.230.682.00-0.471.590.
32Alex Rios*, KC OF  DL150.53-0.651.50-0.470.560.
33Shin-Soo Choo, Tex OF, DH-1.16-0.65-0.98-0.47-
34Michael Morse, Mia 1B, OF-0.030.681.01-0.47-0.710.
35Andre Ethier, LAD OF1.100.680.51-0.471.520.
36Ben Zobrist, Oak 2B, SS, OF1.10-0.650.51-0.47-
37Rajai Davis, Det OF0.530.680.022.920.540.
38Carlos Gonzalez, Col OF-1.16-0.65-0.48-0.47-1.410.
39Carlos Gomez*, Mil OF  DL150.530.681.01-0.470.390.
40Brandon Moss, Cle 1B, OF1.100.68-0.48-0.47-0.310.
41Colby Rasmus, Hou OF-0.60-0.65-0.98-0.47-0.450.
42Mike Aviles, Cle 3B, 2B, OF-0.03-0.65-0.98-0.47-0.730.
43Brett Gardner, NYY OF0.53-0.650.
44Travis Snider, Bal OF0.530.680.51-0.47-0.450.
45Will Venable, SD OF-0.030.68-0.48-0.470.
46Dexter Fowler, ChC OF2.230.681.014.621.840.
47Mark Trumbo, Ari 1B, OF-0.030.680.51-0.471.
48John Mayberry Jr., NYM 1B, OF-0.60-0.65-0.981.23-
49Collin Cowgill, LAA OF-0.030.680.021.23-
50A.J. Pollock, Ari OF2.790.682.001.232.370.